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"Notchy" gearbox?

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  1. FinkerTikhd

    Hi all, I'm new to this style bike and had a question about the gearbox. I've noticed it makes a distinct "thunk" every time I shift (up or down). The sound is cool, feels like I'm engaging the mother of all cogs. Just want to be sure I'm not hurting anything and this is normal...very different than the sport bike transmissions I am used to!

    Also, I seem to get stuck in the "dead zone" between 5th and 4th quite a bit. the only solution is to release the clutch (clunk) then I'll be in 4th and can continue to run down the gears. Am I not give'n it enough of a boot from 5th or what?

    - Rick

  2. Kremer901

    That transmission clunk is normal on cruisers. It is actually much softer than my Harley. My Harley sounded like an Anvil striking. I kinda liked it though.

  3. aeon384

    Mine sounds the same way, like a big piece of industrial revolution machinery... just make sure you do the "break-in" fluid change at 300 miles, they change the fluid in the tranny as well... it sounds like you put a shitload of miles on your bike right away and the manual makes more noise about that first break-in service than anything else, so if you forgot to do that maybe that's causing that problem.

    I don't get the dead zone in 5th-4th like that. I do get stuck in 2nd or neutral if I come to a stop without downshifting all the way to first and have to clutch out in neutral before I can get down in to first, but that's a good reminder to always be in first before coming to a complete stop anyways...

  4. Kremer901

    Shifting into first is sometimes difficult on a ton of motorcycles.

  5. FinkerTikhd

    Thanks guys, so that 300 mile service?
    My manual (and dealer) say 600 miles for this mistaken and are you guys doing it at 300?

    I definitely get the 'dead zone' a lot...figure this will be better with that first service.

  6. aeon384

    Oops my mistake, I meant 600.

    I definitely felt like my Raider did everything a lot smoother after the break in periods, but it is hard to objectively judge, it might have just been me getting used to the bike, or a mix of both.

  7. FinkerTikhd

    Rock'n, thanks!
    Should be able to hit that 600 mile service by the weekend.

  8. ROB2

    i seen a question in another part of the forum asking abt the transfer case oil change, the salesman told me to do it myself unless i had 100 bucks to burn,so thats what im doing ,thats what i always do for that matter,the service work that is,what weight you using in the transfer case? she asked where to drain it ,heck i wish i could have helped her but i still cant get over staring at the shiney side yet!!!

  9. FinkerTikhd

    My dealer gave me a coupon for the first (600 mile) service free. After that I'll be doing all my own maintenance.

    Still haven't heard of anyone else getting this constant "dead zone". Hope'n that 600 mile service will fix's getting more and more prevalent.

  10. FinkerTikhd

    Update - Picked the bike up this morning with fresh fluids in it. Things seem a lot more "silky" and the dead zone is all but eliminated...good times!

  11. pltcy1

    HELP PLEASE! I have a 2008 roadliner s. My questions is where is the drain plug for the transfer case and how do you fill it back up? Is there a fill line when I fill it back up? Yesterday I drained my oil (a total of 3 plugs) and replaced it with 5 quarts. It seems to be running fine. I have only 600 miles on it. I want to change the transfer case oil but I don't know how. My manual doesn't say how to do it. Can anyone here walk me through it please. It's bothering me quite a bit. Thank you ahead of time. Bela

  12. rate18

    See the attachments for the steps:

    Also, you can download the Strato/Roadliner Service Manual here:

  13. pltcy1

    Thank you very much. This helps a lot....Bela P.S. Your the Best!


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