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Not liking Interstate driving....

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  1. indercebdor

    Doing about 75 mph on I-75....feels like the wind is gonna blow me off the bike! Have a death grip on the handlebars. Don't really like a shield on the bike but wondering how much it helps. I have a full helmet though. On longer trips I take the roads that run parallel to the Interstate but can't always do that. In the right lane doing 75 and people right on my butt! Does a shield cut down the wind a whole lot to make the ride enjoyable? Its like when I get on I want to get off asap! I don't know, just not enjoying the ride when I have to use this road....cruising at 55-60 on the side roads are better. If I go this speed on I-75 you can see all the people gettin pissed off and coming up real fast on you and cutting it close when they go around you.....

  2. geidhar2

    The windshield makes all the difference in the world on the highway. My ride to work is around 125 miles round trip with 95% of it on the highway and I didn't want to ride it any more until I put the windshield on. I use a Switchblade on my 650 so that I can remove it quickly when I want to ride without.

  3. SdicgindheMut

    I am not big on Interstate riding for much of the same reasons, more so around the busier sections. When I am out in the less busier sections I actually enjoy the ride more, no stop signs etc. A windshield is going to help keep the wind off you, but not going to do a lot as far as feeling like the bike is being blown over, it is a difference though.

    It's not a good idea to try and ride at the speed of traffic if you're not comfortable, as you described it, you get a death grip and basically losing confidence. My advice would be if they start tail gating, slow it down and make them pass, chances are they'll be riding your ass anyway once you're up to their speed, so what's the difference? It's your time and more importantly your safety out there, if they don't like well tough ****!

    I am not saying this is the wise thing to do, but when I got someone tail gating me and they won't back off no matter how slow I am going, I will hock up something nasty and green (brown if I am dipping) and spit it out over my shoulder, it usually gets their attention. That's just me though, not for everyone.

  4. dpz356T

    I wouldn't ride at any speed without a windshield. I guess I got used to this back in the 70's in NC with my Honda CLs - If you didn't have a windshield on your bike, you'd be covered with bugs within minutes! I'm 5'10" and I have the stock tall shield on my 1300T. Neither I nor my wife as passenger have any problems at any speed with the wind, buffeting or otherwise. Obviously, we all ride motorcycles and there's always going to be some form of wind. What's really nice about the 1300, and other heavier motorcycles, is that you don't have to fight the wind. Although my Suzuki S50 (in the 400 pound range) was a great bike, it was a little scary riding it in heavy wind.

  5. flakkerbhil

    When I first got my 1300 freeway riding was very uncomfortable...the tall windshield kept the wind off my chest, but funneled it up from beneath. And I just didn't like looking through the shield. I ended up putting on a medium shield (perfect height for me), tilting it back as far as I could without modifying the brackets and adding Buck's lowers. Made all the difference in the world. Over 70 I still get an updraft, but it's nowhere near as bad as it was. And I also wear a full face helmet.

    As for freeway traffic...well, I dislike it intensely. I usually don't commute with my bike so I try and time freeway riding when I know the traffic is going to be a bit lower. I also don't like riding much over 70mph. At first I thought it was a sign of age, then I remembered I didn't like going much faster than that on the freeway even when I was younger. Of course, back then, I never had a bike with a shield.

  6. Shebhertezz

    indercebdor, do you have to ride the interstate, like for getting to worK? I never travel on our equivalent of your interstates. To me biking is about something else so I like to "cruise" at a nice speed. That's why I take the highways that parallel the main freeway. If I can't enjoy riding, then what's the point.

  7. indercebdor

    No, I don't have to ride the freeway. Just that some places I am going to I have to and I will just take my car but really want to take the bike! Yea, if there are parallel roads....I'm on them!

  8. tawedhehuman

    Force the tenseness from your upper body, relax, throttle smoothly. The bike will trail, lean a little into it, haul ass.

  9. fupar

    ...If you didn't have a windshield on your bike, you'd be covered with bugs within minutes!...
    Not only the problem of eating bugs.

    IMHO, at highway speeds, riding a motorcycle with or without a windshield is basically a difference of riding or hanging on.

    A lot of people prefer no windshield, no matter what speed they run at.
    Me? Gotta have my windshield. After day one, didn't want to run without it.

  10. nvquatriterz

    I think it's a matter of just getting in "riding shape". I ride without a windshield, but with a full face helmet. My ride to work is 20 miles of freeway each direction with average speeds in the 65-70 mph range (sometimes faster). It's just something you've got to get used to. Find the riding position that works best for you, relax, and just go with it.

    I've found that for riders without windshields, what type of riding gear you wear makes a very big difference. Big/bulky jackets (the textile type) are like parachutes and really add a lot of drag. Put on a leather jacket, and some chaps, and the wind drag goes way down. But again... the more miles you put on your bike on the freeway/interstate/whatever, the more comfortable you'll be.

  11. Puzhrot

    I don't like to ride Interstate either. The speed isn't the problem for me because I always put a windshield on every bike to keep the bugs out of my face. I feel very uncomfortable around the big trucks after having one lay a road gator in front of me and riding into a cloud of decending rubber tire parts and wire from the radial tire. Ever since I hate to get near any large truck and make hast passing of one for the limited times that I get on the Interstate.

  12. kman

    I avoid the interstate if possible, but when I ride the interstate I can ride 80 and 85 when I want, without a problem. I have a windshield and a full face helmet. Safe from bugs, wind and the rare flying rock. Did you see Wild Hogs, Travolta getting hit by a bird. It happened me, thankfully the bird hit my leg, still hurts at highway speeds.

  13. WarPik

    I hit a bird with my mirror once going about 70 and it scared the hell out of me,lol.Anyhow,I ride the interstate most everyday,I'v got a windshield and the HD lowers and at 85 or more I get very little buffeting.

  14. geidhar2

    The only thing that bothers me on the interstate since I got the windshield are heavy cross winds which I don't get much and I start to feel like there isn't enough throttle left at speed. At 70 or 75 I just don't feel like there is the extra throttle I want, that's why I'm looking at getting the 1300T next year.


  15. puttha336

    I ride 75-80 mph on I-94 regularly without a windshield. I've never felt like the wind gave me much of a problem except once when I was driving into a 45 mph wind. The only reason that I would want a windshield would be for the bugs and that fly up into my face shield and obscure my sight.

  16. dxlovambzlov1

    I do a mix. If I'm going to ride for more than about 20 -30 min at highway speeds, I usually throw the windshield on. If I'm just around town though, which is the majority of my driving with a few miles on the highway, I leave the windshield off.

    In the winter I put it on regardless of the speed, just to try and keep the cold air off me a bit.

    I also feel like I'm having to hang on at highway speeds but I'm also a little guy, right at 150lbs, so the wind blows me pretty good.

  17. esiriter

    I have the 950 tourer silver, and the little shield was not enough, I use to be a purest, and would use a windshield, now I would not do without it, the Tall windshield took a while to get from Yamaha, but was easy to put on.
    and I enjoy the ride even more, I had to use earplugs to get down the ringing when I got back from a ride, now I don't have to use them,, I have a half helmet, in Arkansas you don't have to ride with it, but I do anyway, and here the wasp, june bugs and giant grasshoppers really hurt when you hit them at speed on your chest or face, the shield has been a life saver for this..

  18. gm4343

    Back in the old days when people would not back off tailgating, we would carrie some copper BBs in our pocket, just chuck a few of those over your shoulder and they will back off.

  19. cordyezder

    I'm not a fan of the interstate but sometimes it makes sense if you want to get from point A to B and time is an issue. I would never attempt it without a windshield, you will definitely have more indurance.

  20. fupar

    I'm not a fan of the interstate but sometimes it makes sense if you want to get from point A to B...
    Whenever we rode from Katy, Texas to Galveston, we always took Highway 6 South til it dead-ended into I-45. Then we had no choice but to get onto I-45, if we wanted to get to Galveston.

    So, yeah, I agree with you.
    Sometimes you just have to get onto the superslab to get to where you want to go.


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