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Noise in rear wheel

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  1. Lenci1915

    I have a nosie in the rear wheel hub area. It is a clicking sound. It starts after about 5-10 minutes into ride. It is as if something inside the rear drum is hitting something. Any guesses?

  2. bdcruizer

    Just a guess here but have you checked for a loose spoke or maybe a wheel weight.

  3. Lenci1915

    Yes, I did check the spokes. I did not however check the wheel weights.

  4. yacghammer777

    You need to pull the wheel off and make absolutely sure that your splines look good and are greased. Mine was making the same clicking sound and I was told to check the spokes as well. Now I'm having to invest in a replacement final drive. It was my fault though, I didn't keep the maintenance up like I should have this year, plus the thing has 50,000 very hard miles on it so I'm not too upset about it.


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