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No mufflers

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  1. 1CuzdominFL

    Has anyone tried this? Just running open head pipes that is. Thinking it may just sound obnoxious I don't know. I know the shorty look is popular on some bikes, but don't know if it would work.

  2. quicgmicg

    I have no mufflers on mine....sounds bad a**. Should be no problem as long as everything is set up for the additional air flow.

  3. N2cr7zharg

    I started mine without pipes or anything on it once....Wife thought I broke it.

  4. 1CuzdominFL

    OK, curiosity got the best of me so I took off the mufflers and took it for a spin. At idle, I thought it sounded awesome. But under acceleration, it loses all of its throatiness and just sounds kinda like a chainsaw on steroids. I even thought the head pipes looked goot because the heat shield doesn't show the unfinished end of the pipe for a somewhat finished look. I think I need a more refined sound though, like stock just louder. But if you don't like your neighbors, go fot it.

  5. kikkles1891

    yeah i installed a hypercharger and was waiting on my new pipes to arrive so i took the mufflers off. As before, i would not recomend it unless you hate your neigbors. it pretty lound and obnoxious. And it backfired alot.

    now i have installed a set of pcs curburners. these do not have a muffler either but the pipes are reduced where they come out of the motor. they are loud but not like before and no backfiring. i have a noticeable gain in performance with the hypercharger and pipes.

  6. VzdarManiac

    any one have a pic of their bike with no pipes?

  7. 1CuzdominFL

    Never took a pic but it only takes 5 minutes to take off. Then you'll have the mental picture forever

  8. lonkrite

    i rode mine around for 3 hours at 65 mph at times way to loud . i still run straight pipes puts sound behind u ,i made a set up 21 inchs long from polished stainless (2 inch)it fits up under the heat sheild nice and snugg,sounds really good to i like the sound when u let off the throttle she ll talk to u. only bad thing is after about 1000 miles the stainless starts changing color which is fine with me. theres lot heat that comes out the v twins.i ll try post some pics if anyone would like see them and can tell how i did it its really easy. but its up u all

    (ps sorry for typos and grammer hard type when ur on semi shhhhhhhh no tellling my boss)

    letem roll boys and women to


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