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No 2010 models?

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  1. lferk

    I looked today on the starmotorcycles site and didn't see any new 1100's. Did they take ours out of the line up?

  2. 1CuzdominFL

    Yep, it appears the 950 and the 1300 rule the roost now. But that's OK, as much as I love my 1100, I reeeeaaaaalllllllyyyyyy like the new roadliner deluxe. Sexy....

  3. MigejCojode

    Funny still in the Canadian line up

  4. jkd4

    the 1100 is gone for the US lineup, thank the feds and cali for that. All registered road vehicles will have to be FI and the 1100 would have cost to much to make FI. It would have cost $1500+.

  5. 1CuzdominFL

    But I thought the 650 was still available, and I know they're not putting EFI on that.

  6. jkd4

    Yes the 650 is still with us in the USA but my bet is within a year or two it will also be gone.

  7. bkman

    This is probably a "phased" government plan (like they all are) which affects larger displacement engines first. I am sure that it will eventually affect every street-legal vehicle. Suzuki's brand-new 250cc bike (for 2010) is fuel-injected, which I would think means they are just planning ahead a couple years.

    After the feds are through with transportation engines, they'll move on to other things (because we continually allow it) until we have fuel-injected lawn mowers and weed trimmers that cost $500. Ah, yes, bow down to big government.

    So, if you're shopping for that brand-new 650, you might want to act soon.

  8. LiddleBen

    It is a plot to force us all to conform to the same size bike. Like the healthcare scam. I tell ya the feds are out to get us. JUST kidding. I would have kept the 1100 on popularity. I guess that the 1300 is just a little better and the 950 is just as good from an engineering standpoint.,L.B.

  9. tunc

    and we still gettin them downunder here
    so im guuna be the spares dealer for you guys up there lol

  10. bkman

    so im guuna be the spares dealer for you guys up there lol
    Ah, yes - the tables have turned indeed!

  11. FireRhino

    I wish they'd kept the 1100 in the VStar lineup--the design is damn near perfect for me as a first bike!

    The MAIN thing I would have designed differently would have been that $5,000,000 headache of an oil filter. WHY does it have such an idiotic placement??? Fuel injection and belt-drive would have been nice features too, but I honestly dig my 1100 "as-is"--except for the location of that oil filter. I don't even like the idea of a relocation kit, either.

  12. yaro

    I wish they'd kept the 1100 in the VStar lineup--the...
    Belt drive, FI and oil filter in the right place?
    that's 950.
    I think that is the reason for 1100 to go. They really sold a lot of 950s the first year.

  13. AlMcBean

    They toke out the rstd out of the 2010 line up, i think there are some changes coming on the cruises, about time.

  14. yajparoo

    Lets see... carb rejetting: $80, FI piggyback ecu: $300... Gotta love those carbs!!! Perhaps they'll make a big bore kit for the 950. If not, I'm sure there'll be demand for the 1100 well into the future, even if it's used.

  15. quicgmicg

    Lets see... carb rejetting: $80, FI piggyback ecu: $300... ...
    A friends FI Fat Boy needed new fuel hoses this week because they were leaking.....over $200! That makes carbs look good too.

    (you can also get single Mikuni jets for $5 each for your carbs to reduce that rejet price)

  16. CruizerBruizer

    I'd considered starting a thread like this because I wondered how the 1100 fit with the 950 and 1300...that's three bikes very close to each other.

    Working against the 1100 is that we're riding 1981 technology...but it works and works well! I also wondered how much business sense it made for Yamaha because dealers have told me the 1100 have always sold well, so why kill the goose that laid the golden egg, right?

    On the other hand, the 950 has more modern technology (to the chagrin of some reading the posts above), in less ezpensive to get into, and gets better mpg. Hey, it's a nice bike.

    Other comparisons I've read say from a performance perspective, the 950 matches the 1100, though I doubt it has the grunt my 1100 puts out with the Shogun Ripsaws that are on my bike (with the baffles neatly tucked somewhere in my garage).

    The 1100 is my first bike and I can't imagine not having it and continuing to ride it even when I get that Stratoliner I'd love to take the wife on regularly.

    It's sad to me that the 1100 is going away, but there are plenty of them used that we'll be seeing them for a long time. Mine's a '99 and it's going great and I expect it to go for a long, long time.

    Ride safe, watch out for cagers on cell phones, and thank The Man Upstairs for every safe ride.

  17. Shebhertezz

    If you come to Canada to get your 1100, come to Alberta - we have no provincial sales tax!


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