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NHTSA Funds Motorcycle Only Checkpoints

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  1. Goadlocger69

    This is total BS!!!
    NHTSA gave $70,000.00 to Georgia for Motorcycle ONLY Safety Check Points. They will stop all Motorcycles at these Check Points. Oh and they are scheduling it during Dayton Bike week. Personally its one thing to do random sobriety checks that target everyone on a road, although I understand why some people have a problem with those as well, but IMO to target only motorcycles is unreasonable to say the least.

    If you want to have your voice heard please go to AMA'a website Bill to prohibit funding discriminatory motorcycle-only checkpoints.

  2. quicgmicg
    #'s OK to discriminate because all it is is a bunch of evil greasy bikers.

    Thanks for posting's a great reminder to all of us to contact your Senator and Congress Person to let them know how you feel. No one else is going to fight our fight for us.

    As much as the government of Georgia and Florida seem to hate motorcycles and the people who ride them....I'd love to see them move bike week elsewhere and let the citizens of both states suffer the financial consequences.

  3. tunc

    we get similar down here and it is not good

    as long as this thread dont go political bashing though


    Regardless of your political/religious beliefs and views … keep them to yourself and out of this forum. Threads getting into politics pushing views one direction or the other will get sent to trash, please save your thoughts for the polls at voting time or your place of worship
    from Name These Tires

  4. yhoower

    tunc I couldn't agree with you more, there is no place in this forum for religion or politics.

    With that said I think that the Admins might want to consider an exception to the rule on this topics. From what I've read, this decision is all about politics and not founded in or supported by any logic that will improve the public safety.

    Motorcyclist around the country need to discuss how to deal with this.

    For example, I would suspect that the sate of GA and GA businesses would lose a great deal more money that $70,000 if motorcyclist banded together and said "OK GA we'll just ride around you". Yeah it would be a pain for the East coast guys but it sure would make a statement.

    Anyway, that's just one example of the discussion that might occur to help American motorcyclists fight these types of decisions.

  5. Goadlocger69

    as long as this thread dont go political bashing though...

    Noted, I removed the political overtone but left the link to AMA's site so people who want to help can.

    I'm not trying to bring politics into the forum, just informing bikers that there is discrimination out there.

  6. yhoower

    Goat when this type of politics effects a minority group like motorcycles, I think it's an appropriate topic for a motorcycle forum.

  7. tunc

    agree to let people know about what is going on is ok
    as it affects us all in the long run
    was just the politics part of it as we all know how the threads go

    and i think it is not right what is happening either


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