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  1. Chop60

    i just bought my first bike, a 2000 yamaha v star 1100. i got an awesome deal at $1500, so the bike is not perfect. the previous owner said i need a new "relay". the part he's talking about keeps the battery from draining down. i can jump start the bike and it runs like a top, but after i shut it off it will not start back up...... and the battery is only a couple months old. does anyone know what exact part i need?

  2. quicgmicg

    Reg/Rec probably. It's what controls the charging system. Part number 5BN-81960-00-00 Looks like it runs about $70.

    Before doing that, get yourself a shop manual and do the proper diagnostics. It could be as simple as a loose ground cable.

  3. Chop60

    ok, just downloaded the service manual. will try to trace the problem.

  4. quicgmicg

    That's the best approach..... could save you some $$

  5. 78ordon

    i just bought my first bike, a 2000 yamaha v...

    Nice buy, here is some more info.

  6. Chop60

    i just added a maintenance free battery and away i've been, lol. never did find out about the "relay".

  7. Destructo22

    Maybe the battery wasn't so new after all, lol.

  8. Chop60

    That's what I'm thinking.

  9. alexcore634

    You know what...i just got my 1100 classic n Dec. It's been on a trickle charge. Dealer says put n a new battery...started right up...rode for a while. Next day went to acted like the battery was drained...back on trickle charge ...half a starts. Are you thinking what im thinkiin'...that it's not a new battery or let me check all connections first...put a meter on it?

  10. Destructo22

    You know what...i just got my 1100 classic n Dec....

    You can check with a volt meter at the battery with the bike running and should get around 14 volts. If your only getting 12 then its not charging. You might have to turn the rpm up just a bit to get the 14 volts, i'm not sure if these bikes will supply 14v at idle.

  11. quicgmicg

    You can check with a volt meter at the battery...

    I agree about turning up the throttle, I think you need to be at least 2,000 RPM to get it to charge.

  12. bkman

    The charging system is not that strong at idle, but at the specified idle RPM (around 1000), it will hold close to 13.5 Volts, depending on the load. If you've got the turn signals on and the high beam, it may go down a little but should pop right back up once you start moving. All this to say it SHOULD still be charging the battery - even at idle speed (albeit not that vigorously). If you're not seeing at least 13 Volts at idle, I'd check the idle speed first - people have a tendency to turn the idle down too low on these bikes, for some reason. If your idle speed is okay and you're still not charging, you may have a problem in your stator or regulator/rectifier module, but I wouldn't go there untill you KNOW your electrcal connections are all solid and clean. A dirty connection wastes a LOT of power and will prevent the battery from charging - particularly at low engine speeds.

  13. alexcore634

    Now, bike will not start. took trickle charger off. Put fluke meter on terminals with bike off...not even 5vdc. Turned key..tried to start once...that was it click. Heatlikhd comes on, but that's it. Was or is battery gone? It only started and I rode when it was warm a week ago. Battery's been on trickle...but gettin' nothing as of today. Should I take battery out and get charged...or new battery? Should I be thinking rectifier...? Help

  14. quicgmicg

    I think you're due for a new battery. Sounds like you tried charging it.

  15. alexcore634

    Thanks quicgmicg, when i got bike in Dec. ..they told me they put a new one in the bike. Well...anyway you see where im at-It's been sitting in garage...about mid Feb. put on trickle charge. Got warm for a couple days-2wks ago rode once for about 1/2 hr. Back n garage /on trickle charge, and nownothing. Be getting battery this week...hope that's it.

  16. bkman

    I think you're due for a new battery....

    Yeah. If you're starting with 5VDC, there's no need to go any further. If the battery was good, and something was drawing it down to 5V, you'd see smoke.

  17. alexcore634

    Thanks everybody...i'll be picking up a gelbattery by bikemaster this weekend.

  18. yoeriter

    Good info

  19. ki1ppg

    Thanks everybody...i'll be picking up a gelbattery by bikemaster this...

    I sure would do ALOT of research before buying a gel battery. The dealers around here advise an absorbed glass mat way before a gel................................

  20. kzdar37

    You can check with a volt meter at the battery...

    It won't. The RPM needs to be about 3K to achieve a little over 13V at the battery. Max is a little over 14, typically. If it goes higher, the unit is also bad and needs to be replaced.


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