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Newbie needs info on exhaust etc

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  1. ModoBazz

    Just got my new Raider. Read in forums about the Cobra speedster swept which I really like. However, I do not like the extra loud pipes. Cobra says they include a power core, is this some kind of baffle. Does it quiet the pipe down some. This is not to be confused with the power port on these pipes. Those with Cobras, how loud are they.

    I also see the PR BAK in lots of messages. What are they. Searched, but got no real answer.

    Has anyone dyno'd their bike after changes. Especially with the Cobras


  2. tfar

    Think you are confusing Mortons with the Cobra pipes. Mortons need the power cone and are loud.

    Stock swepts are not that loud at all. They do have a nice sound, but nothing obnoxious. They come with baffles and I get a ton of complements on them.

    Yes you will get perfromance gains with pipes, however you can loose performance with straight pipes.

    I am not sold on the BAK's $ to power gain ratio. If you are only doing pipes and not a Fuel manager save your money

  3. tezerdhi

    You want loud, here ya go. I put the mortons power cones in these and the bike hauls ass! I ordered some 4" baffles on ebay and I am gonna try them out. I don't think they will be much quieter and I don't want them quieter but I just want to check them out for performance.


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