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Newbie mistake!

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  1. kolf173

    So I just bought a bike last Friday 2008 Custom 1100...been riding about 4 days...just starting to learn. For you experienced riders I thought I would throw some newbie mistake humor at I go to the gas station to fill up tonight right...well I start putting gas in the tank...put the continuous flow switch down. A guy I haven't seen in awhile rolls up and starts talking to me...before you know it....I put about 2 dollars of gas all over my bike and the concrete! Then I am thinking am I going to blow up when I start my bike up since there is gas everywhere....well I didn't...geeez! I have to run 91 Premium in it at all times?

    Thanks....hope you got some chuckles out of that!

  2. THUNDER160

    Check your manuel, i think the 1100 runs on regular, a bud has one and thats all he uses...

  3. kolf173

    The guy I bought it from couldn't find the I do not have any idea...thats why I asked on here....thanks though!

  4. zhatovofzelf

    87 is what it calls for

  5. THUNDER160


  6. Jon632

    Most gas pumps out here have that vacuum shut off thing making it hard to completely fill up the tank. It always stops just below the bottom of the neck and I can't pull the nozzle up without making a seal or else the pump doesn't work at all.

    I've only been riding for about 7 months and I'm still making mistakes. Last night I hit a fog bank with my high beams on so I go to hit the switch to go to low beam and the bike dies on me. Well turns out I hit the kill switch instead of the high beam. I was able to start it back up and keep on going after I realized what I had done. Talk about a noob mistake lol

  7. TpirtTommj

    From the CLYMER book: The engine is designed to use gasoline with a pump octane rating of 86 or higher (or a research octane of 91 or higher).

  8. LiddleBen

    Iprefer midgrade for mine. Except the 10 to1 modified bike I run premium in it.,L.B.

  9. Bamazcood

    He who maketh not mistakes, liveth not!

  10. Siknal12

    I put 93 in mine, when your only talking acouple extra cents when all you have to put in your bike is 3 gallons I go for the good stuff

  11. tunc

    there not mistakes there


  12. LiddleBen

    I thought that this topic was dead a month ago. What I was wondering about, Is someone just yanking our chain? LOL, L.B.

  13. leekl

    I have a 2007 1100 Custom. Got 6500 miles on it. Have always used regular in it . Never had a problem, runs great & that's what the manual calls for. Stay Vertical!

  14. quicgmicg

    I wish I could tell you I'd never done that! My bike, my pick up, my car.... but I'm I'm using that as an excuse.

    BTW...the guys are right on the octane for your bike. 87 works best. You can certainly run premium if you want there are sometimes some cleaning agents in the more expensive stuff that may help. The way the 1100 motor is set up, the bike may run a little worse and get a little worse fuel mileage with premium.

    Now if you upgrade pistons, cams, control module'll most certainly need to run the expensive stuff.

  15. yy45daco

    I always use the highest octane for the better burn and cleaner engine

  16. yy45daco

    O yeah, I got a dumb mistake you... I warmed my bike up and pushed it out of the garage so I could close the door but I didnt put up the kickstand and ended up bumping it with my foot, leaned the bike over, closed the garage door and when I turned around there goes my bike falling over. Boy I pissed at myself because I was always taught if I were going to move a bike then I need to put the kick stand up then move it and put it back down. Now I know why my dad always told me to do that. What can I say sometimes we just have to learn the hard way. Luckly there wasnt any damage done. Thank god for the floorboards!

  17. retzdarraiter

    i dont think it will hurt the engine using 87,91, or 93. of course you have to use premium with my bike. RAIDERS RULE!!! my dumb mistake, i'll just tell you one of them. it took me the longest time to realize my starter button is not the horn button!! it took me about a week of burning up my starter before i got the hang of it.

  18. AiginudNY

    He who maketh not mistakes, liveth not!
    I thought I made a mistake once, but I was wrong!

    Newbie mistake 512, Flip the fuel selector from Reserve, or the next time it sputters and dies you will be pushing! I know! Errr! I watched a buddy do it once! Yeah That's the ticket!

  19. 2WheelPik

    Here's another newbie mistake. When I first started riding (around the age of 17-18) I thought the clutch was only for driving off from a stop. Sure wondered why my bike (750 Virago) was hard to downshift and kept jerking me around

  20. fupar

    For me, it's 87 octane, and a little Seafoam.


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