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Newbie here.. got a few questions

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  1. Mitnikhd358

    Hello guys i just bought my self a 650 custom and i gotta say its a great bike!
    I got some questions i hope you folks could help me answer

    Id like to make the bike bobber style... where are some places i can get already made rear fenders as i dont want to do any custom work as of right now...

    What are some good ways of maintaining this bike? I have no experience with carb'd bikes as i have only owned fule injected sportbikes..

    thanks im really looking forward to getting deeper into the world of cruisers!

  2. MigejCojode

    If you have a look at the mods sticky: most of your questions will be answered.

    A great place for the fenders is and

    If you are even slightly creative you can buy undrilled fenders for an HD/custom then fit and drill them yourself.

  3. zcookiewzdar

    just dig around here some more and you will find alot of helpful info.also is a helpful place for tips and projects

  4. MigejCojode

    That's 100% correct Scoogie. Joe (Webslinger) is one of the most knowledge men on the Vstar there is, bar none. He's forgotten more than I will ever know.

  5. Coundrj17

    Joe (Webslinger) is one of the most knowledge men on the Vstar there is, bar none. He's forgotten more than I will ever know.
    Wow Mikey now you know how most of us on here feel about you!

  6. modolouie


    Welcome to the Crew. Follow Mikey's advise he knows the VStar 650 very well.

    2007 VStar 650 Custom

  7. viltirizhman

    Hey Midnight,

    I was you about five months ago, stick with this forum family. Great people with experience and ideas. I've just completed a light mod, changed oil, filter, rear gear oil, new accent lights, vertical license plate etc... Make it yours my man, you are paying for it! Good luck

  8. popper19

    Welcome to the gang. Check out They have a How-To page that covers a buncha basic mods, maintenance, etc. Plus, Mikey has answered about every stupid @$$ question I've come up with. Don't be afraid to experiment a little. My 650 classic is bobbed, and it was done by removing the rear fender, cutting the front fender short, and hanging it over the rear wheel. IMHO, it looks damned good, too! Keep us posted with your progress.


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