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Newbe gas cap question

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  1. zleebjzal

    I just picked up a 98 custom, and am need of a gas cap for it. The dealer wants 90.00 ! My question is were can I pick up a used one, or a new after market one? It is a Cali model if it maters. I did a serach and came up empty thanks OH this is a very cool site!!

  2. g2pirt

    Best place to look is likely ebay. Hope you find what you're looking for.

  3. Mondj

    Try either Dennis Kirk or Bike Bandit. One or the other will have one. By the way, welcome to the Forum.

  4. aarona

    Try Tim B. at Metric-Magic he has about everything and may have a used one.

  5. popper19

    Check local bike junkyards.... they may have an old scrapped bike....

  6. retzdaret

    One thing to be careful of with the 650, Either the tank or the cap have to be vented. Not all years caps will work on all years bikes. I'm not sure of the year they changed, but I think it was 06.

  7. dhekanter

    I've seen them on a site called for about 40-45 bucks. Don't know how good they are.

  8. micg10

    welcome to the family. good luck with your search

  9. zleebjzal

    thanks to all. The PO came by last night with the gas cap ! Back in business. I picked this 98 custom for cheap I ll post pics soon.

  10. tunc

    glad ya back on the road now and they helped your Q
    when ya can post a welcome in here


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