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New Windshield for VSTAR Custom

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  1. VCOZ504

    Hello to all. I'm new to this sight and to a 2008 VSTAR 1100 Midnight Custom. I'm coming off of a FZ-6 and I'm really enjoying my new cruiser. I would like to add a small windshield to get some of the wind off my chest. I would like to have any suggestions. Thanks,

    I'm really enjoying this sight.

  2. nadzcarbelli1

    Hello. I have the Deflector from National Cycle and it works great on my 07 Custom. I got the smoked one with the quick detach and looks awesome on the bike! It compliments the double t handlebars nicely and works pretty good in the wind. I have quick detach cause I also have a the large windshield for long distance rides that snaps off and on in 3 sec. works great!!

  3. quicgmicg

    I have a Windvest and it has been just wonderful. Easy on and off and takes just enough wind off to make the ride a bit more comfortable plus giving you something to duck behind if it rains....

    I also had a Memphis Shades WildCat (at least I think that was the name) and it worked great too....

  4. Sduplyumbr

    I have to Yamaha large windshield with lower deflectors and that combo is real nice for me. Being out in the country most of my rides are at least 30 miles by highway. I just added the lowers and they take alot of wind off you, very nice especially on a windy day.


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