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  1. quinnyim

    I was out riding today (65 degrees outside....high of 35 tomorrow) and once again got frustrated by other bikers.

    I always give a little wave to other bikers, but the Harley snobs almost never wave back. I got sick of being snubbed, so I stopped waving at them. I would always watch them closely and I would return a wave, but I wouldn't initiate it.

    That gets pretty distracting. I'm going down the road and I have to focus in on their left hand as they approach. I keep looking so I don't come off as rude in case I miss the gesture. I really need to keep my eyes on the road...

    My new strategy is to give a little wave with my left hand....just lifting up my fingers, not a big wave.

    I'm not even looking at the other guy anymore.....too distracting and too aggravating when you get snubbed.

    So that's it...a small gesture on my part while ignoring the other guy.

    This doesn't feel like much of a brotherhood .

  2. Goadlocger69

    IMO, you're WAY to worried about it. I wave as long as it's safe. If they don't wave back then it's no skin off my nose. If they do then all the better. Most times they wave back, some don't. I still wave at the next guy down the road regardless of what the last guy did.

    I look at it this way, I am going to be me and not allow someone else to determine how I act or what I do.

    Ride safe

  3. yhoower

    Right on Goatlocker! Be who you are and if it's not appreciated let it go and ride on. I was taught if your being polite because you expect something back then your doing it for the wrong reasons.

  4. DJinNH594

    I always give a little wave to other bikers,...

    It never fails...I'll wave at two or three Harley Riders, they don't wave back so I think, "This is silly, it's not like I wave to anyone who also drives a pickup truck."

    So just when I think I'm not going to wave, the next three Harley guys I see are all flashing a wave and probably thinking, "There goes another Raider snob."

  5. quinnyim

    IMO, you're WAY to worried about it....

    I know you're right!

    It just bugs me to give a friendly gesture and then they don't reciprocate. It's like a smack in the face, and they get a laugh over "dissing" me.

    Like I said, I'm waving to everyone now. I just don't look for their response.

    It's not that big of a deal...just something I was thinking about today.

    My wife tells me to chill out all the time....I don't think I'll ever learn.

    deep breath, trying to relax...

  6. quicgmicg

    Here is a tip, they certainly aren't "dissing" you, the other bikers aren't thinking about you at all. They are concentrating on their ride and enjoying their day and you should too. I might wave if I have the time and it's safe and I feel like it, otherwise I don't. It's just not a big deal.

    I'll also say this, IMO, it's just as bad that you dump only "Harley Riders" into the group that "disses" you ... as a matter of fact I think it's worse than not giving somebody a silly wave. It's not them that has a problem. Most of the guys I ride with ride Harley's and they are some of the best people I've ever known....and I pick the people I ride with VERY carefully. It's offensive to me and some of the others here.

    This IS a "brotherhood", but in order to be a part of the "brotherhood", you have to earn it. Break down with your bike on the side of the road sometime and I'll bet you $100 that the first person to stop and offer help is riding a Harley. To me that shows character and I'll take that over a wave any day.

  7. micg10

    i will wave or nod my head no matter what the other person is riding. to me a cruiser is a cruiser no matter what make it is. we are all out doing the same thing, enjoying the ride.

  8. MigejCojode

    I've been very lucky that way. In the late 80's it was frustrating but since I got back into it the only group I have a had time getting a wave outta is the wing dingers. They were always that way.

    Just keep waving and don't worry too much about those who don't. With all the new riders on the road and new RUBbies on their expensive machines they haven't figured out the brotherhood. Either that or they are afraid to take they hands off the bars. (actually had that "unsafe" argument brought up to me in a parking lot once)

    Don't sweat it keep waving and they will figure it out. Take the return waves take pride in, some are starting to figure it out.

  9. quinnyim

    I'll also say this, IMO, it's just as bad that you dump only "Harley Riders" into the group

    That's true...don't even get me started on those Goldwing dudes!

    This IS a "brotherhood", but in order to be a...

    Not sure exactly how to "earn it" with strangers who don't know me. I've been riding street bikes for over 25 years and it just seems like bikers used to be more friendly in my area.

    This was just a short little rant for fun.....I'm not losing any sleep over it.

  10. Shebhertezz

    I usually get waves back from other riders - HD, Gold Wings, etc. The ones that don't seem to wave back are Crotch Rockets but then if I was riding one of those I'd have to hang on with both hands too! Maybe it's the pink helmet that entices the return wave. If they don't wave back, not big deal.

    When I'm riding my cage on the backroads, it's tradition to wave to other approaching drivers but in the 10 years I've been here I've noticed that declining. It seems to be the city slicker here for the summer at the lake that doesn't return the wave. So for about every 5 waves I give, I get 2 back. But I don't quit b/c by waving I'm establishing a norm that hopefully the "waveless" will get pressured to conform to. I think it's the same for biking - I won't stop.

    On a side note, I read recently that the tradition of cagers waving to each other in the country started when settlers carried rifles and when driving in someone else's territory, they'd hold up their rifle to show no harm intended. That eventually evolved into a wave. No sure how true it is, but I'd rather have a neighbour wave a hand at me and not his gun! Same for a biker!

  11. Cabri103


    I agree with you about the "wavless" crotch rocket riders. They just seem to tense to do much of a wave anyway, all hunched over, elbows locked, they look like they are trying to strangle their bike.

    I was out on a long ride today 200+ miles and there were lots of other riders out as well. Here in N. Florida the biker wave is well and alive. I would hate to see it fade away.

    It's part of who we are

    Think about it. Its a way of saying, "hey man, I'm cool, so are you, Have a great day"

    Don't worry about someone not reciprocating to your wave, the important thing is that is that you did it!


  12. BigerDawe

    I wave at every one but I've noticed the "wave to" as well as the "wave back" is NEVER above handlebar level.
    I suppose there are connotations to a wave above handlebar level or shoulder level.

    Since you drive on the left side of the road do you wave with the right hand? Does your bike decel while waving?
    These were meant to be humorous!!

  13. TerrjB

    My Yam book outlined the wave and it was below the handlebars so hence that is what I do.

    I second quicgmicg. Do not blame HD its all types of bikes and rides. I waved so much today that my arm is sore I wave at everyone as does all the HD riders with me and even the Kawa guy does

    If I have to watch out for something or in a turn, no I am not waving. You should consider that maybe the other rider has something going on you do not see.

    I admit it, I even waved at a scooter rider

  14. yhoower

    Don't feel bad TerrjB, I waved at a kid on his bike today. He got the biggest grin on his face. It kinda put a little smile on my face too.

  15. micg10

    Mick-Since you drive on the left side of the road...

    everything is reversed down here, throttle on the left, makes waving and accelerating at the same time alot easier. kidding

  16. zbungj

    no waves to scoots here (state has seperate rules for them so they are different to me) ... I do a good bit to CR's ... and when possible at cruisers (we are in the same frame of mind) ... but here most of the waves are just a straight arm at a 45 to the ground

  17. Goadlocger69

    deep breath, trying to relax......

    It's all good brother, that's why it's called a Rant!!!

  18. yajare

    i will wave or nod my head no matter what...

    Gotta agree Mick.

    Well I usually get the high five wave from the Wing crowd, the low peace wave from the Harley riders, one or two finger wave from the crotch rockets or if they seem a little scared the head nod, the low one finger wave from cruisers, and various forms thereof from those stated and others.

    I just wave and cruise along enjoying my ride. Its nice to receive a wave back, but I dont let it bother me if I dont receive one in return.

    Peace bros…………………

  19. zhatovofzelf

    Up here in the Great NW, the wave is alive and well. You will get waves from ALL (almost) riders no matter what they ride. (moped to Can-Am to Harley)

    Most of the riders I ride with ride harleys and other than the occasional good natured , "Some day you can move up", nothing but friendship has been displayed.

    Last Summer, coming back from Mt Rainier, I rode up onto a metric that was broken down and guess who was already there? Yep 2 Harley riders! Turns out all 3 of us were originally from California so it was on. We got him running and on his way. We parted as new friends.


  20. BigerRop328

    This IS a "brotherhood", but in order to be a...

    +1 for that!

    One day last summer I was cruising along on a two lane outside of town. I hadn't been watching my trip odometer since I wasn't too far out in the boonies, and sure enough, I hit the reserve fuel level. I wasn't quick enough getting the fuel lever switched over to reserve, and the bike died. FortuNadely, there was a wide edge on the road, so I signaled and glided to a stop. Not much traffic, just one car about 1/2 mile back. But, behind that car were two guys on HD's, and they pulled up next to me to make sure I was ok. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, I've stopped for other bikers too, didn't matter what they were riding.

    The other day when we hit 60 degrees here, I got three waves just trying to get out of my neighborhood. And those were from cagers! We are all so sick of winter around here, they probably thought a guy on a bike MUST mean that spring has arrived.

    Seriously, operating my machine is my first priority... if I'm able to wave, I'll do it, and it doesn't matter what the other bike is.


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