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NEw toy for me... 1982 Honda CB650

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  1. TimRato

    Looks identical to this one and is just as good of shape.

    PAid $400 for it because it didn't run. $200 later I have a new battery and have cleaned the carbs. It runs soo smooth now. Only thing left to do is get them synced and it's waiting in line at a local shop.

  2. tunc

    sounds like a damn good deal you got there
    and not much work to get it going is a bonus

  3. zhovman

    Man, does that bring back memories! Those bikes were easy to work on. Great deal you got there. Enjoy....

  4. TimRato

    Thanks guys... I thought it was too good to pass up. I should be getting it back this afternoon aftr I get off work so we'll see how it rides.

  5. quicgmicg



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