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  1. SemisportO

    Hello, I'm new to the cruisers. Spent many years growing up in the off road world. Just bought a 09 raider. I'm loving the open road. I started alittle late in the riding season here in Kansas, but i'm going to ride until it snows, and look forward to spring.

  2. earnmanfan960

    Welcome to the site. Post a picture when you get a chance. Ride safe!

  3. wildcatf5

    Welcome from North Texas!

    Enjoy and Ride Safe!!!

  4. retzdaret

    Welcome from Georgia. Ride safe!

  5. cowenandranch

    Welcome from Oklahoma!!! You're going to love the Raider. If I had too much disposable income, I'd have one parked beside my Strat.

  6. Goadlocger69

    Welcome from Southern Maryland

  7. yoyo

    welcome to the club! love the raider.

  8. quicgmicg


  9. RebelAir44

    Welcome from South Texas.

  10. tunc

    Welcome to the forum from downunder
    Enjoy the forum and ask if you have Q
    In case you missed them here are the rules for the forum
    put one of your bike in the show your ride thread applicable to your bike
    it might be BIKE OF THE MONTH
    Roadliner--Roadliner S
    heres a link for how to post pics
    and dont forget to vote in the poll
    in the Yamaha shop talk section

  11. SemberFiDavk

    Welcome from Middle Georgia !

  12. DJinNH594

    Hello, I'm new to the cruisers. Spent many years growing...

    Welcome to the website.

    Ya, that's one drawback about the Raiders...they tend to make the winters go by soooooo slow.


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