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  1. drojm

    got my new tires today. rear d404 150-90-15 and front d402 mt90B16. I wanted to go with the smaller dia. front tire but waNted the higher load rating Thus th d402. Had Avon venoms on stock size. When I bought the bike used. Worked OKAY but did not like the ride on certian road conditions I.E. gravel. They just worried me basically a slick with a few squilly lines and I ride year round in the NW. I did not want to shell out the extra money for the Avons. YES I am furgul. YES the D402 is a Harley tire with a load rating of 71 and coast less the a BILL. Let them Talk Iam going to ride the sh*t out of my tires and enjoy it. SEE YOU ON THE ROAD

  2. tartantyger97

    Well, if you're waiting for someone to criticize, it may be a looooong wait...we all choose the tires we do for a lot of different reasons, sometimes for high-load capabilities, sometimes for appearances (WWW), sometimes because we're experimenting. I don't think anyone here ISN'T frugal; backyard money trees are in EXTREMELY short supply. I buy Avons, but that's because I haul a lot of tools, extra fluids, some diagnostic equipment, and weigh in excess of (well, at the moment a LOT in excess of) 200 lbs. With something in the vicinity of a 450 lbs. load behind the gas tank, having a front tire with an 827 lb. capacity and a rear with a 992 lb. capacity is at the very least comforting, and when roads get rough, virtually mandatory. Go ahead and ride them bad boys! Let us know how they do for traction and mileage, too; I for one would interested in knowing how they perform.

  3. drojm

    installed new tires today. Took me forever! First time I had to take all that stuff off. Did Front and rear. MAN what a difference the mt 90 16 on the front. Light turning like on my v star 1300. Love it. The bike feels different going down the road. I guess iam not use to new tires. More updates to come.

  4. recumpendpop

    When you had everything off did you do any maintenance to the drive shaft splines?
    Would have been the perfect time to grease them..............

  5. drojm

    check them and made sure everything looked okay


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