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New Strat owner

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  1. ammocy

    just got an 07 Stratoliner S with 15,000 miles on it.
    Traded even for my 04 BMW R1150GS with 26,000 miles.
    I wanted a low seat cruiser with forward controls.
    Lifting my leg over the high seat of the BMW was getting old since I screwed up my hip.
    Anyway, this bike came with a trailer hitch and crash bar with cruiser pegs. Also had additional accent lights that were not done right with extra wires everywhere that I removed before a second ride.
    I had the wind screen cut 1.5 inches and hope to add a throttle lock and passing lights before next summer.
    The only things I miss from the BMW are the color, cornerring ability and heated grips.
    Two questions: How do you guys keep your hands warm? (I'm looking at battery powered glove liners)
    And, is there any service issues I should be concerned about at 15,000 miles?

    Later, Al

  2. SdradoFret

    Don't know if you got an Owner's Manual with your Strat or not. Here is an online version if you need it.
    At 16,000 miles. there are several maintenance things which are covered in the manual (new oil in transfer case, plugs, etc) Good luck with your new ride. I have an 06 Strat, great bike.

  3. ammocy

    I like the online manual.
    I guess I'll have a few thingto do this winter.

  4. Dissj774

    Welcome from New Mexico! Congratulations on the new bike. Strats are great bikes. I hope to own one someday.

  5. cowenandranch

    Welcome aboard!! I'm sure you will find the Strat to be an awesome bike.
    If you're considering a throttle lock, I suggest the
    About keeping your hands warm... good luck. I don't seem to have the solution yet. Heated grips would be cool, and I may end up trying that if they are available for our bikes.
    Post some pics of your ride for us.

  6. moengo

    Welcome from Connecticut. Hard to compare your BMW with a cruiser, but at least you got one with plenty of oooomph. Hope you enjoy her!!

  7. ammocy

    So far I love my Strat but tonight's snow is killing my hopes of putting 1,000 miles on before the end of this riding season.
    I've read that some throttle locks won't work with heated grips so I'm shopping for heated gloves. Maybe some cheap battery powered 1s until I can justify the heated jacket liner and gloves that plug into the bike.


  8. MitWezdSdar

    Congrats on your new ride, and welcome to Linerland and the forum.
    Was just up your way about a month ago, always fun to ride The Hills.


  9. Nade

    hello Al.

    your a man like me. well, it looks like it anyway.

    the reason i say that is that i have a Strat and if i were rich enough to own 2 bikes i would own the R1200 GS Adventure. i know you had the 11 but i think they are pretty much the same? i could be wrong. my question to you is,,, i am 6"5". how would the bike be for me? how did you like yours? can you go long distances comfortably?

    thanks Al.

  10. ammocy

    hello Al. my question to you is,,, i am 6"5". how would the bike be for me? how did you like yours? can you go long distances comfortably?
    I loved the riding position of the BMW but it and I got old.
    Too many hard miles on my body.
    I thought the seat would soften after 20,000+ miles but it never did.
    Seems to be a shortcoming with most bikes.
    I rode some decent distances but my ars hurt.
    As for leg room, that was why I bought it.
    I almost bought an R model but my legs were bent more than on the M2 Buell I was riding at the time so the GS was the only option (plus I wanted one since I was 8)

    My Strat came with highway pegs and is far more comfotable.
    Although I tend to ride it much slower, which my wife loves.



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