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  1. hoover35

    Well I did it I will be picking my 09 Strat up tomorrow. Can't wait to get out and ride it.

  2. MitWezdSdar

    Welcome to Linerland
    I think you're going to really enjoy it.
    Had mine since 06, and still have the Big Grin

  3. cowenandranch

    You won't be sorry. I've had my '07 for 2 years now and still love it. Like MitWezdSdar said, I still have that grin.
    Post a pic for us when you get one.

  4. SemberFiDavk

    Welcome from Middle Georgia !

  5. VENTURER519

    Congrats. I know you will enjoy every minute of it.

  6. hoover35

    here is a pic hope this works
    how can I set a picture next to my screen name

  7. hoover35

    Driving this thing is like going from a Yugo to a Cadillac. It's like it has autopilot and drives itself. I don't think the GRIN will ever go away

  8. ganttr

    What bike did you have before the Strat? I love the color, great looking bike!

  9. MitWezdSdar

    <<< I don't think the Grin will ever go away >>>

    Told Ya, and there is more to come, I'm sure


  10. hoover35

    My prior bike was a 04 Honda VTX 1300. Nice bike but not like the strat With he wife on the back had to work a little when cornering because of the front end rake. The Strat practicaly steers itself

  11. tunc

    have a look here to post pics and put a avatar up next to your name
    just open a pdf

  12. Nade

    my son had a VTX1300. i rode it 68 miles and never got back on it. he sold it after 1 season. we are 6'5" and 6'6" and the VTX actually hurt to ride. this Strat we both love. he isn't into bikes so much anymore otherwise i am sure he would buy one. Great bike.

  13. Corp

    I had a 2003 VTX 1300. I loved it until I rode my friend's Stratoliner. I had rejected and put different exhaust on it. It was my hot rod for tooling around on back roads. But you are right.... The Stratoliner is like a Cadillac. Very smooth and fun to ride.

  14. hoover35

    This bike is simply amazing. When for a 100 mile ride today. It's a good thing I have a windshield because I would be picking a lot of bug debris out of my teeth because of the huge grin I have. I will be getting a set of crash bars for it. I will be adding highway pegs also. Mayber a set of Kury ISO grips too.

  15. zdradoman

    I will be getting a set of crash...

    Oh no, the first list of mods, welcome to the addiction, you will never be the same again! Congrats.

  16. hoover35

    That's what scares me. LOL Actually I don't plan on doing much because it doesn't need much. Those mods are pretty much all I plan....maybe

  17. bvz1

    Congrats on your arrival in linerland....There are many upgrades and nick nacks out there to make your ride your own..But I can only draw from my own experence and and say two words...BUCKS LOWERS...start there... a purchase you will never regret...and above all ...ride safe...

  18. Nade

    yep. i fell into it also. i was super happy with the bike by itself. until i saw the crash bars on one at the shop i took it to. i thought it looked great, so i bought one. then i thought highway pegs would go great with that. they did. then i saw bag gaurds/trim rails. wow. those look great. i needed a GPS so bought a TomTom Rider 2. wow, what an awesome accessory. but i thought i was missing. something, oh yea,,, i needed music so put a Uniq Cycle Sound system on. and then somebody mentioned i could put a windshield bag on so i just HAD to add that. i love my new Brakeaway Cruise too that i just put on 2 weeks ago. and i am going to add Kuryakyn Grips soon too. i don't think i have left anything out.... oh, i do NEED a tall windshield. so as you see, there are things that are a must.... and you just can't help yourself.

    my wife made a comment the other day about me spending a bunch of money on the bike. i told her "yea, i guess it's a hobby". when i got my first bike after the kids grew up i said it would help with saving money. i guess i was wrong. i did apologize

  19. hoover35

    I can understand the delima with adding accessories. My problem is there always are more accessories to add than there is money...and keeping the wife happy also as to come into play. Tis bike will be around for a long time so we'll call it a work in progress.

  20. PDXScodd

    There are only a few mods that really help out the Stratoliner. I like to think of them as Yamaha letting us put our own finishing touches on a great motorcycle.

    Rear License Plate - great looking bike with great lines and then this "billboard" sitting on the rear fender! HUH?

    Engine bars - they've saved my paint on two occasions + look great (go FAT 2" bars...the bike takes the fat look well.

    Cruise control - Love the Throttle Lock. Very useful on trips to ease the right hand cramps.

    Rear Floorboards - the stock pegs didn't make my wife happy and I also ended up with burnt rubber on my exhaust.

    Exhaust - I haven't done it yet, but if you want NOISE, the stock bike is quiet and tame sounding. It's sort of appealing to me to leave it stock, but I may move to something between quiet and LOUD!

    Welcome to the top of the Star line. You'll get used to the stares. We all have.

    Scott T


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