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New seat

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  1. GK

    Just spoke to Marg at Diamond custom seat they were just shipped yesterday should get them by Mon. will keep ya informed as how they work out.

  2. SemberFiDavk

    Make sure to post some pics !

  3. GK

    semper fi when were you in and where?

  4. SemberFiDavk

    1979 till 1982 , Boot Camp at PI . ITS was at Camp Pen . Was picked to go to 8th & I in DC for the marching plt . From there went to Camp David to guard the President .

  5. GK

    Cool , I was a Hollywood Marine, Boot,San Diego, NAS Meridian MS, MCAS ELTORO, F-4 and F18's. My son is considering going in. If he does hell go the " O " route boot next summer, finish senior yr at Bob Jones University, then except commision, and off to Quantico. we'll see.

  6. SemberFiDavk

    We had some proud dad's at the reunion !! Several had son's that joined !! I know that your proud of him !

  7. Driwetapisnezz

    I was at a conference last week and a lady whose son just graduated from Recruit Training asked if "Hollywood" Marines actually get issued sun glasses at boot camp!

    (her kid went to PI)

  8. GK

    Not sun glasses ,but suntan lotion

  9. GK

    went for a ride on fri. got home and there was a big box from UPS sitting on the porch, ripped it open and found my new Diamond seat's. pulled the first one out and thought wow thats nice, big but a bit narrow, soon found out it was not the front seat. it was the back and it was much bigger than the stocker. Dug through the rest of the peanuts and found my seat. Very nice. took photos of stock and new, then put them on. My seat, I sit up a bit higher when I'm flat footed, but when I swing into riding position she feels pretty good. My wife sat on hers and said yes its wider and did feel better. Rode to work today and they told me give it 1000 mi. break in , so little firm now but we'll see. I'll post photos soon.


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