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New Rider - Need Exhaust Advice, Please Help!

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  1. dhakshan819

    Hi Everyone,

    I just bought my 2008 V star 650 Classic (new) a couple of months ago. I did the 3 hole exhaust mod that i saw on 650ccnd and the pipes sound a BIT deeper. I tried to remove the cone with a dremel but I didn't have any luck. I think i'm going to just go for a new set of pipes. Living in south Florida I feel that I need some loud pipes so I can be heard on the road.

    Looking around on 650ccnd I have a much better feel for the composition of the exhaust (baffles, etc) that I did not know about before. I am nervous about doing a major mod by myself (the whole 26 year old girl with no mechanical experience makes me a bit hesitant!)...

    Do i need an entire exhaust kit to change the sound? Do I need just pipes? Perhaps my problem is not understanding the terminology. I've seen people discuss slip ons is that all i need? I would like to keep the cost down because i am not sure how long i will even have this bike (may want an 1100 or 1300 sooner or later...not sure yet, too soon to tell!)

    I searched around on ebay and found that I can get some Vance and Hines pipes (full kit, i believe it said) for approx 380 and some short pipes for 280.

    Please provide me with any and all advice you can. Any info and light you can shed on this would be much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance!!

  2. pedapillj

    The V&H pipes you saw are probably Cruzers and Shortshots.
    Cruzers are excellent for the 650 because they are not too loud but have a deep rumble with not a lot of bark at WOT. Shortshots, on the other hand can seem like ear bleeders, particularly above 1/2 throttle.
    Removing the baffles (gutting) the stock pipes gives an entirely different kind of sound, real loud but filled with with harmonics higher up in the audible range.
    Really, theres no substitute for the real mellow tone produced by larger displacement engines and the sound from the 650 with altered or free-flowing replacements changes for the worse when the engine is put under load which because of the somewhat puny 35 horse power engine happens quite often.
    A very cheap alternative is what they call Hushpuppies where the mufflers are sawed off where the tapered ends start, fully gutted and aftermarket glass pack tips for car exhausts are inserted.
    I've had Shortshots and have set off numerous car alarms before I sold them and went up to Cruzers, then added glass pack tips and I'm very satisfied with the sound now.

  3. retzdaret

    For the 650, there is not really a true slip on. It's usually the entire back pipe and the front pipe is a slip on that uses the stock head pipe. the other option is a full set that replaces the head pipe as well. Both will get your great sound. Don't hesitate to get the set without the head pipe. Unless your getting a set that is black or different enough looking, it will meet your needs completely. It will also flow way more air.

  4. dhakshan819

    Thank you, guys!

    I am leaning towards just spending the money for the V&H slash cut pipes. I have not heard these in person and I find it hard to really tell what it'll sound like from a youtube video... Are these going to give me enough sound that someone can hear me coming from inside their car? like they would with a Harley?

    If I take it to get done at the Riva Motorsports dealership they're gonna charge me about 500 with install and they will probably not be V&H...they will probably be one of the cheapest pipes they can find...which I've heard really doesnt make that much of a difference but I don't like the idea of getting ripped off, etc...

    Would it be something I can do myself? Buy the exhaust kit and put it on? (More than likely with some help...)


  5. retzdaret

    First off They are very loud. You have nothing to worry about there.

    I'm sure you can put them put yourself. It is very easy. Just be sure to get the gasket that goes on the small pipe that comes off the back cylinder. It's a crush gasket so you will want a new one. Other than that. It is super easy. If you have any trouble at all, post your issue and I'm sure you will get some help.

  6. SlovPoge

    If you can be patient, stick with what you have for the time being and keep your eyes open on eBay, etc for a deal on the V&H pipes. I bought a brand new set of Cruzers for my bike for under $200 (Buy It Now).

    Just had to pick up the crush gasket from the Yamaha dealer and the job was done easily enough. (I did have trouble with the slip-on for the front pipe, but that was probably an anomaly.)

    Good luck and enjoy your ride!

  7. dhakshan819

    Do i need to get, specifically, V&H Cruzers for V-Star 650? Are they universal for the vstar 650 and other bikes also? i saw they had cruzers for hondas...


  8. yhennlj

    I know you are looking for a big sound, and yes the V&H exhaust are great. If however you decide you would like a full exhaust, check out the HardKrome Strippers. These give a nice low rumble and a great sound when you crack the throttle. Many times I've surprised folks when I tell em' it's only a 650.

  9. retzdaret

    Do i need to get, specifically, V&H Cruzers for V-Star...

    Yes, they have to be for the 650 and they have to be for the year range of your bike. The pipes are different for 06 and newer.

  10. villrocgv

    I have Roadhouse 65 Specials. Like the look, like the sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ill second the strippers. I put them on my bike a while back and they are loud. Ive often been told that you can hear my bike coming from more than a mile away.

  12. damquick131

    Roadburner has a sweet set of 2.5" streetlites or street pros with billet tips, I'm running the streetlites and I'm pleased with fit, finish and sound!

  13. VStar2

    I'll third the HK Strippers. I first did the final baffle gut and it sounded ok at idle, but at highway speeds it was way too high pitched. I then got the Vance and Hines Short Shots. The Short Shots sounded great, but I found a great used set of Strippers and I have been more than pleased with them. They have a good deep sound, and aren't so high pitched on the highway.

    Vance and Hines are great pipes for the money, you really can't beat them since they only run around 300 bucks.
    Hard Krome pipes are a tad on the spendy side, but they have the best sound (in my opinion) for the little 650.

  14. Jetiriter

    I put hardkrome 3inch res tech on my 07 silverado classic and when I crack the throttle people know I am there. The best way to describe the sound is a low rumble until you hit the gas but aren't too loud to attract the wrong attention.


  15. 4mrAkankmpr

    When I still had my '07 650 Classic, I had Cobra slip-ons and had performed the RAK with a K&N air filter. It had a very good sound (especially in tunnels and underpasses) and gave a noticable improvement in power. It's do-able, even for a 26-year -old girl!. Any problems, just post on this website- there are quite a few members and moderators that have experience in modding 650s.

  16. Rcmoneypit82

    My 2001 classic came with BUB Big Willys installed. I switched to 2.75" HK Big Straights. Both are nice sounding and loud. I liked the sound and size of the HK's a little better.

  17. wildcatf5

    One more vote for the Hard Krome Strippers. Easy to install, and sound great!! Loud when you want them to be (hit the throttle), and somewhat quiet when needed (pull back on the throttle). I think that I even get better MPG even though I haven't done the intake side and jets. The bike is definitely smoother running.

  18. athaeesji

    This is the first bike that I did all the work myself, and since I'm poor...I couldn't afford new pipes I took my pipes to a local muffler shop and had them cut, brought them home and removed the baffles myself. They're LOUD, not really as deep as I'd hoped for...but LOUD and people definitely hear me coming. When I hit the lotto I will invest in some Cobra longshots...
    Safe riding!

  19. damquick131

    I'm really digging your tires, what brand are they and what size...super cool looking wide whitewalls...I like e'm? where did you get them?

  20. Smirg17

    Greetings, I just put on a set of vance & hines slash cut cruzers and am thrilled. They have a nice rumble while cruzing and sound off when you want noise. When we first fired it up my wifes jaw dropped, came up with a big smile, and started dancing.

    I'm not a mechanic and quite easily had them on the bike in about an hour and a half. Someone mentioned the casket, important it is not included. Also, (rats can't think of the right word) anyway, the part that the new muffler attaches to is different from the old one and one of the bolts is too long for the new one. If you go with Cruzers contact me and I'll get the size for you I can't remember it right now .


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