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New rider in Alabama

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  1. ihswinney92

    Brand new here...just got my very own bike. Today. 2005 650 silverado with 2007 miles on it. Ive been a back seat rider for a couple of years now, riding with my boyfriend. well i got the itch and decided it was time to ride. well first I have to learn. never rode solo, bit scared and lots excited. going to take rider safety classes, but would love to hear the dos and donts from experienced riders as well. my boyfriend has rode all his life, he will be my teacher for the most part.

  2. SemberFiDavk

    Glad to have you on the site . Take your time and don't push yourself to hard . Safety class is a good deal , you will learn alot ! My wife started on a Kaw 500 and rode for about 2 years and now has moved up to a Yamaha 950 . Ride safe and welcome from Middle Georgia !

  3. yhoower

    The MSF course is a great start you'll learn a lot of basic skills there. It great that you have an experienced rider to help you learn. Hopefully it will speed up the process. Enjoy the new ride.

  4. micg10

    welcome to the family. congrats on the bike and for getting the courage to get on your own bike. be careful and stay safe.

  5. yajare

    Welcome to the forum and safe riding................

  6. retzdaret

    Welcome from next door over in Georgia. Ride safe!

  7. zmogejyoe

    Welcome from Illinois! Be sure to take that safety / MSF class and take it slow, building skill and confidence. Lots of great ideas on the forum for the bike and riding gear to protect you. Enjoy and be safe!

  8. emarinez

    whats up from PA!!! congrats on the 650! i went and took the class with my wife when she wanted to take them. they were fun! we met alot of good people there! have fun and drive safe!!!

  9. BikRet

    Welcome to the forum from So. Fl, ride safe.

  10. Sdar462Donna

    Congrats. I had a 650. I took the R.I.D.E. MSF in Pelham - I learned alot. Since you are so close, maybe we (my hubby & I) can come out and join you sometime for some practice time.

  11. Goadlocger69

    Welcome from Southern Maryland

  12. yhennlj

    Another welcome from over here in Georgia. Be safe, take your time and get to learn the bike, and most importantly...have fun.

  13. ihswinney92

    Had my first lesson today. and I was very surprised on how well I did. went to a old walmart parking lot, and was able to actually learn how to get started, was able to get up enough speed to change into 3rd gear. learning how to down shift. tomorrow i will have to find a bigger parking lot. thank you all for the well wishes and the welcome to the forum. My boyfriend rides a vtx 1800, and is a member of a vtx forum. now we each sit in our lazy boys with laptop in hand and tell each other whats going on in the motorcycle forum world. i finally feel like i belong somewhere again..

  14. dhekanter

    Congrats and welcome from California. You're gonna have a blast!

  15. ihswinney92

    Just a update on how well I am found a great road in a industrial area, that has a two mile or so loop. put about 30 miles on my bike today. learned lots of things, but still have lots and lots to learn, like turning...important part of riding i found out. since everything great is around the corner. tomorrow back to the parking lot for left and right turns. getting closer and closer to hitting the real roads. Cant take safety classes till June, since they are all full till then. but i have a great teacher who is very patient
    with me. Thanks for the confidence in me and the well having the time of my life on my 650

  16. Shebhertezz

    Welcome from another lady rider! I just started riding last year at 55. Took the safety course August 2008 and bought my first bike last Spring. I'm glad to hear you're taking the safety course. All the parking lot practice you're doing is great! That built alot of my confidence and I plan to do it regularly. Here are some resources that I found especially helpful as a newbie. I've pasted my post (and another one within it it) with that info:

    oil change

    Also the Ride Like A Pro DVDs are invaluable. If you go to this thread, you'll get a discount. ride-like-a-pro-video-ymf-discount-code-is-17-yam

    You're already doing great with PLP and a great mentor! Ride safe!

  17. Hacgzav

    Welcome to the forum. I also live in Alabama (Athens).

    The best piece of advice I can offer is don't be afraid of the bike. Respect it, but don't fear it.

    There are so many new riders who are afraid to lean with the bike thinking it will slide out from under them, or it will fall over on top of them. My friend's wife was scared to lean her bike and wound up in a ditch and broke her leg in three places.

    The bike wants to stay upright once it's going. For high-speed turns, you really have to push it to lean over the faster you are going, but one can easily scrub the pegs or floorboards long before the tires are ready to give up. You will push the hanlebars opposite the direction of the turn when going anything faster than parking lot speeds. This is also known as counter-steering.

    For slow speed turns, keep your body upright, and let the bike lean under you. You will turn the handlebars in the direction of the turn for slow-speed stuff.

    Also, always look where you WANT to go, never where you ARE going. Target fixation is a serious hazard that can get you injured.

    Your confidence will grow as you get more experience on the bike and you learn your bike's and your own limitations. Until then, take it slow and easy. And remember to breathe.

  18. Bokobob95

    Ride your own ride....when new we all have limitations.....Safety course is an absolute dynamite thing to do....I was lucky that our course provided tiny bikes (Rebel 250 cruisers) which made it easier to pass the course...Would never had made it on a full sized bike..(Experience to understand).

    Best wishes....

  19. tunc

    Welcome to the forum from downunder
    Enjoy the forum and ask if you have Q
    put one of your bike in the show your ride thread applicable to your bike
    it might be BIKE OF THE MONTH
    Idiots with cell phones

    and dont forget to vote in the poll
    in the Yamaha shop talk section


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