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  1. Brocknchrist71

    Bought a 2008 yamaha v star 1100 last week on monday with about 6000 miles and a hard Krome exhaust... i have been riding a kawasaki 125 eliminator for about 3 years so i have riding skills in the general areas just learning the new bike... i look forward to cooperating with you guys and hopefully doing some of the mods that you guys have posted here... i am 24 a father and a husband and i ride to work back and forth every day... have ridden in all weather i can think of other than hail(not real interested in adding that one to the list)... i am actually heading out on first real ride of the new year in about 2.5 hours... i am located in SoTex if anyone wants to hit me up for a riding partner...

  2. JustDave

    Welcome to the Forum. You have got a great starter bike that will carry you for many years. This is a really great forum with lots of good links. Hope to see you on the road one day.

  3. gpkolfnud

    Welcome to the forum Brock, and as Dave said you picked a GREAT bike.
    I have owned a 650 & 1100, and loved the 1100. There is a ton of mods made for the 1100. Stay safe.

  4. Brocknchrist71

    thanks guys... i have been on the forum for a while but just haven't been able to interact due to some registration details (didn't get email, when i got it it was a broken link, simple computer prollems) anyways we are leaving here in about an hour or so, getting some drinks in a bag and something to snack on when we get there... i'm a lil over prepared all the time... so my pack usually ends up heavier than everyone elses... but at least i am ready for hell to break loose on me...

  5. retzdaret

    Welcome from Georgia. Ride safe!

  6. quicgmicg
    # picked a great bike! Looking forward to seeing you around!

  7. SemberFiDavk

    Welcome from Middle Georgia !

  8. mole1

    Welcome from South Carolina! Ride safe.

  9. tunc

    Brocknchrist71 moved your query of throttle lock to here for more responses

  10. EMT4417

    Welcome from West Central Indiana

  11. BikRet

    Welcome From South Florida, ride safe.

  12. joshuatim4

    I am too new in this Yamaha forum.

  13. Brocknchrist71

    welcome... from one newbie to another


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