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  1. Griker

    Hey all, I've been visiting these forums for about a month now. I finally decided last week that an 1100 Custom was right for me. I'm taking a MSF course this weekend and plan on picking up my bike Tuesday. I'm either looking at an 07 or 08 depending on if the dealer wants to give me a good break on the 07.

    I'm excited as last time I was on a bike was when I was 14. I'm 28 now. I'm hoping after breaking in the bike around OKC I can take a few road trips this summer with a few buddies.

    For those experienced what tips and advice can you give me? Anything I should be weary on or anything I should change on the bike pretty quickly?


  2. Snufftokk

    You will want to get an Oil Filter Relocation Kit. You have to drop the front exhaust to change the oil filter. I have an 07 1100 Silverado and I am looking to trade up soon, I hope to either the 1300T or the Raider. There are some very knowledgable people on this forum and I'm sure they will chime in. Taking the MSF is a very wise decision.

    Ride Safe

  3. Griker

    Thanks! I have read about the pain in changing oil without the relocation kit.

  4. quicgmicg

    welcome aboard.... good idea on the class, it's by far the best way to start. I'm looking forward to seeing a pic of your bike when you get it.

  5. cmkippj

    there has been a lot of talk on the sie about AIS removal, i suggest doing that if you are going to change exhaust, and intake! make sure to adjust your spring as well for it comes sotck set at like 3 but goes to 7. so if you're gonna do any two up riding it needs to be at least 5


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