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New Rear Tire Size

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  1. Nuk2ked

    Have to buy a new rear tire. However, the stock tire that came with the bike is a 170/70 16. I am thinking about going with a metzler 180/70 16. Has anyone else done this? If so, do you like it? Is there any problems with the tire rubbing? Called the dealer and of course they said they done recommend it. but they never do...

  2. dveag29

    As long as the tire you are looking at is made to fit on the size rim you are putting it on and there is proper clearance, you will be fine.

    Can a bigger tire change things? Yes. They can affect your steering and handling if you go with too tall, short or fat of a tire.

    Bike manufactures do a lot of research when it comes to choosing tires and rims for a specific bike. The tire/rim and steering geometry give each bike it's own characteristics.

    That being said, the size you are talking should have no effect on the steering geometry. Wider tires will affect your turn in, but not something you will notice going 170 to 180. Now if you were jumping to something silly like a 200, then you would really notice a difference.

    Here's a handy tire profile calculator that let's you compare your current size to the sizer you want.

    Plugging in your numbers, you can see there are only slight differences.

  3. jamahadim

    Just as tweak noted, as long as the height is the same, and it fits on the rim and there is enough clearence between the tire and the swingarm, you are good to go.

  4. DaweGCF

    The 180/70/16 is the Metzler upgrade listed for the 950. There should be no problems. I can't wait till I need new tires so I can upgrade to Metzlers- a much better tire. You will notice a difference in the ride- it will be much better. I have friends that have upgraded from their stock tires to Metzlers (none on the 950), and they say that the first noticeable difference is that you no longer notice 'tar-snakes'.

  5. dhegopra

    Has anyone gone any wider than 180? Or does anyone know what the widest the 950 will take without having to make any other changes?

  6. pdn22

    Now knows differntly says so.. but I heard metzler sent their production to china and ruined what USED to be a really good tire.. I know a couple guys I work with who ride and they had metzlers and they said they sucked didnt last long and werent sticky at all.

  7. recumpendpop

    I've had good luck with Avon tires.

  8. HenrjD

    Now knows differntly says so.. but I heard metzler sent...

    I can say that I have no experience with a Metz on the 950, but I do on my VTX1800. I put one on the front last May when I bought the bike, and had to replace it prior to December. I had about 6K miles on it and it was shot. I will not buy another Metz unless I just have to. I actually replaced it with a Bridgestone just like whats on the 950, and so far, I really like it. No uneven wear and no pitting or feathering like what happened with the Metz.

    Good luck with whatever you put on.

  9. raswanezcu

    Hi guys!
    Just one question: how is the odo affected if I replace the rear stock tire with a fatter one, given that the circumference changes? Does it self adjust?

  10. pdn22

    Ya I am pretty sure I will never buy a metzler tire I really like the bridgestone ones that are on it.

  11. dos

    I will NEVER buy another Metzeler tire. The rear ME880 I am replacing next week was at the wear Margers at 4,600 miles. And I could tell no difference in ride, performance, grip, or ANYTHING over the stock Bridgestone.

  12. pdn22

    Because Metzler is now a chinese cheap rubber product. Hopefully Trojan never goes just kiddin they probably already are. I have not met one person that says Metzler has been a good tire.

  13. tunc

    Hi guys!Just one question: how is the odo affected if...

    goin 180/70 from a 170/70 is the width of the tyre so shouldnt change the height if you went that way it may alter the speedo reading
    the 70 is the aspect ratio
    Aspect Ratios indicate a tires cross-sectional profile. The smaller the number, the lower the profile. It expresses the height to width ratio as a percent. A 90 aspect ratio means the tire's cross sectional height is 90% of it's width. The aspect ratio appears immediately after the width in the Metric, Alpha and Low Profile Inch numbering systems.

    and pretty sure it wont self adjust the speedo for you
    dont think any do that yet

  14. raswanezcu

    goin 180/70 from a 170/70 is the width of the...

    It seems that the circumference changes a little too (from 2024mm to 2068mm) hence my question. As for the self adjusting I guess that was just wishful thinking.

  15. sbarnes634

    goin 180/70 from a 170/70 is the width of the...

    Hmmm. Using your example, a 170/70 would have a cross sectional height of:
    170 x .70 = 119

    and a 180/70 would be:

    180 x .70 = 126

    so the height does appear to change slightly, unless

    a) I've not understood the ratio definition or
    b) my math is off.

    7mm height adjustment = 14 mm overall diameter change. Not sure if that's sufficient to throw off the speedo since, from other threads, the speedo seems to be set 5% - 8% off at the factory.

    Just my $.02.


  16. Zoom181

    My husband put a Metzeler on the front of his 1300 (not sure how many miles he has on it yet) and lately put the 880 on the back of my 950. It rides fine, but I have only put 1000 miles on it so far so of course I can't cheer or boo it quite yet. If I only get 4000 or 5000 miles on it I won't be happy compared to the 10000 I got on the stock Bridgestone that I replaced.

    The reason we went with Metzelers is because we heard a lot of good things about them, so now they are saying NO? Geeze, can't keep up LOL.

  17. dos

    My husband put a Metzeler on the front of his...

    I too, bought a Metzeler because of all the good things I had heard about them. Even Shane at S&S told me he would be surprised if I didnt get 10,000 miles. Most people seem to be happy with them but here lately I have discovered there seems to be a growing number of folks like me that are HIGHLY dissatisfied with the tire.


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