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New rear tire

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  1. JozhH

    With almost 8k miles on the bike, I finally had to put a new shoe on the back. It was getting pretty flat in the center. I had been into the wear bars for about the past 1k, and I didn't want to chance it anymore. Anyway, I really wanted to put a 200/60-16 on there as it is almost the exact same height as the stock tire but a little over an inch wider to fill out the fender a little more, but it was just too wide to fit between the fender struts (something I'll have to take care of in the next 8k miles). They had one there, and it would have looked awesome on the bike. As it was, I ended up getting a 180/70-16 Dunlop Elite 3. It's about a 1/2" taller and around 3/8" wider.

    Just thought I'd post since I have seen a few tire threads lately and figured a few of you would be looking for something soon (if you haven't already). I'll be sure to post up how it is working for me. So far everything seems to be good with it.

    Here is a picture from Dunlop's website that shows the tread pattern of the tire.

  2. recumpendpop

    Looks like a nice tire. I've heard good things about the Elite 3.
    Have you noticed anything different in how it handles?
    Most people say it handles better than the stock tire.

  3. dos

    I have an E3 on my 1300T. I have about 1,300 miles on it and so far so good. The last rear I had was a Metzeler and I thought everything about it sucked. On my way home from getting the E3 installed I kep thinking "Damn this thing feels good". I never once remember thinking that about the stock Bridgestone or crappy Metzeler. The tire feels super smooth. I dont know if its better in the corners or not because I dont push my bike that hard. I'm hoping to get 7,500 miles out of but will kinda be surprised if I do.

  4. TheGoltj

    How is it that you guys got so little mileage out of your tires? Are you keeping them inflated to Yamaha's recommendation or are you putting in the maximum on the sidewall?

    All of the tires I've had on my bikes got way more miles than that. My V-Star 650 got 13K out of the OEM set and I was at 24k on the bike (11k on the tires) when the bike was totaled by the insurance company. My V-Star 950 just got a rear tire at just over 12k and the OEM front is still going strong after 13K.

    IMHO, even what I'm getting is unacceptable, but I haven't taken the time to ask tire manufacturers why they can get a minimum of 30K out of a cheap car tire, but motorcycle tires get, on average, a third of that. Seems to me the technology should be available to make a long-wearing motorcycle tire that still grips the road properly.

  5. JozhH

    It seems like the bike wants to turn easier than before, but I'm not sure if it is because of the flat spot in the middle of the worn out tire or because of something with this tire. I can't say there is anything I don't like about the tire yet.

  6. dhegopra

    How is it that you guys got so little mileage...

    Goldy, this is because of the difference in shape of the motorcycle tire and the car tire. The car tire is flat and has much much larger portion on the road. Plus, it has 4 tires on the road as well. The motorcycle tire has a very very small portion of rubber on the road which means that all of the friction is on that very small part. It wears out quicker.

  7. Goadlocger69

    IMHO, even what I'm getting is unacceptable, but I haven't...

    This article might help
    60,000 Mile Motorcycle Tires Would you buy them?

    I put the Dunlop E3 on about 2,000 miles ago and have nothing but good things to say about them.

  8. fourechodog61

    How is it that you guys got so little mileage...

    So, wich is better? Yamaha's recomendation or the side of the tire (I think yamaha recomends lower pressure...) ? My rear is worn out at 8,800 and I'd like them to last as long as possible too.

  9. TheGoltj

    When I had the 650, I used Dunlop's recommended pressure for their tire on that bike, which was higher than the Yamaha recommendations. On my 950 I've been using the recommended pressure from Yamaha. In neither case are the pressures the ones stamped on the sidewall, which are the maximum pressures.

  10. fourechodog61

    That makes sense actually... thanks.

  11. lem23

    When I had the 650, I used Dunlop's recommended pressure...

    Mmm might want to double check the side of your tire, if its the same as my stock one it does not list max pressure, it lists max weight at the recomended pressure of 41 psi.

  12. recumpendpop

    Mmm might want to double check the side of your...

    max weight at 41 PSI is another way of saying max psi = 41

  13. ylvrikhd

    I just went through that same issue of reading the tire wrong. Car tires say max pressure but not motorcycle tires. I do have a question though. If the recommended pressure is 41 lbs at a certain load then does the pressure vary if your load is less? Are they saying 41 lbs is correct for the tire and do not exceed the load?

  14. recumpendpop

    I just went through that same issue of reading the...

    Yes, if the load is less you could lower the pressure.

    Go to the tire mfrs web site they should have tire pressure recommendations. I know that Metzler has it on their web site.

    When we picked up my wife's 950T their head mechanic went over it with her and he stressed checking tire pressure regularly and inflating both front and back tires to 36 PSI.

    And by the way tire pressure is Always checked with the tires cold. I always check in the morning B4 they are ridden. Normally every Saturday.

  15. lem23

    max weight at 41 PSI is another way of saying...

    According to Dunlop

    "For high-speed, fully loaded or dual-riding touring motorcycle applications, inflate front tires to maximum recommended by vehicle manufacturer for Dunlop fitment and rear tires to maximum load inflation pressure on sidewall. Rear touring tires must be inflated to a minimum of 36 psi for light to medium loads and 40 psi for dual riding and other loads. Never exceed maximum load indicated on tire sidewall or vehicle capacity load found in owner's manual."

    I guess though this says the front shoulnt be inflated to the sidewall PSI butidk, i hated how it felt at the yamaha recomended pressure, felt too squishy.

    So I guess if you just ride your motorcycle as a commuter then yammaha has the right pressure, but if you ride the twisties, do alot of interstate, or do two up or loaded riding, 41 seems the recomended.


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