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new rear fender..

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  1. flamet196

    pics to come soon on my new rear fender set-up, custom chrome tip, vertical kuryakyn side mount plate, bullet tail-lights are going to be running/brake and used to mount the rear fender tip to the fender and leaving my vertical LED flush mount lights that are already in the fender. Getting rid of the UGLY running/brake light that didn't come out soo good. I'll post them as soon as this project is done, we're going through a cold rain spell here. no better time than now.

  2. retzdaret

    Right now this post is nothing but a tease. We want some pics!

  3. flamet196

    that's the point RED. lol. Got the plate frame and the Lights, just waiting for the custom tip to get back from the chrome shop.

  4. retzdaret

    Can't wait to see it.


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