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New Quick Release Brackets

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  1. pjdor542

    I contacted this company last summer about quick release bags that will work with the OEM quick release backrest, so I can make everything on my 950 quick release. They were interested in doing it, and just needed some measurements. I got an email today that it is finally done, tested, and ready to go. No pics yet though. He is supposed to email me some pics soon. Now I just need some money, Christmas wiped me out.

  2. HRNemeziz

    Is that with the OEM bags? If so I am interested.

  3. nikhder40

    I would like to find out a little more sounds good to me

  4. pjdor542

    I doubt you could make them fit the OEM bags, since the OEM bags are pre-drilled. You would have to contact them.

    They sell their own bags (some are even lockable) for much cheaper than the OEM bags, but I would think you could use just about any after market bags. They are similar to EZ Brackets. Once you install the brackets you drill the bags to fit the brackets, so any bags should work.


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