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New Pics of my L.S. Raider

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  1. CenTexRaiter

    I bought a set of stock rims powder coated black from Brent (photke). I would recommend doing business with him to everyone on the board.

  2. grasjpurro

    bike looks good. would have to say the liquid silver is the best color so far.

  3. CenTexRaiter

    Thanks, I think the black rims made a hugh difference.

  4. yjmmjyajmez

    Awesome looking

  5. yohnnjdherocg

    very very nice.

  6. photke

    Lookin good!


  7. 3RaiterRiter

    How much did the wheels cost to get done? I have the Raven (Black) Raider and was considering having the stock wheels chromed this spring which will run me about $800, however all black would look good too-tough decision. Your bike looks sweet. Take care, -08RR

  8. CenTexRaiter

    Contact Brent (photke) from the previous post. He can give you a good deal. Thanks for the compliments!


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