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  1. roadie6

    Used to ride an '06 Ducati S2R 800 Monster and before that a '97 1100 Virago. After selling the duck a couple of years ago, I decided to get back into riding and thought what a better way than to get a Strat! I found this great deal on a barely used '07 midnight edition with only 4100 miles and some nice upgrades. I picked it up today from Long Beach and rode to San Diego via scenic PCH. What an incredible ride and route!!! To add to the silly grin on my face, the gas mileage seems too good to be true since I rode 100 city and hwy miles and the gas gauge still shows over half a tank! Seems I only used 1/3 of the tank. How accurate is the gauge?

    Here are the included accessories:
    D&D Slip-On
    K&N Air Filter
    Cobra Fi2000 fuel processor
    Mustang Seats
    Yamaha Luggage rack
    Yamaha Passenger floor boards
    Breakaway cruise
    Yamaha Engine guards
    Yamaha Short windshield (also got the stock medium shield which I'll be selling)

    Just happend to catch this pic with a gleaming 'star'.

    Does indeed ride like a caddy - plush and powerful. I still can't believe I own this black beauty.

  2. cowenandranch

    Some folks seem to have issues with their gas gauges. I think for the most part, they are fairly accurate. You should get somewhere around 37 -42 mpg. That is the range I and my two buddies get very consistently. Some folks claim closer to 50, I have my doubts.
    Long Beach to SD is an awesome ride down PCH, one of the few positive things I can say about Calif., (I'm a relocated El Segundo native).
    The 'Liners are awesome machines with tons of power. The silly grin hasn't gone away for me yet, and I've had my Strat for 2 years. I'm sure you will enjoy your Strat for years to come.
    Congrats, you have a nice ride.

  3. tunc

    congrats on the new ride
    put a welcome in the welcome section as well
    oh and Welcome to the forum from downunder
    Enjoy the forum and ask if you have Q
    put one of your bike in the show your ride thread applicable to your bike
    it might be BIKE OF THE MONTH
    Hello from MD

    and dont forget to vote in the poll
    in the Yamaha shop talk section

  4. roadie6

    Hey tunc,
    Thanks for your suggestions and have done so. You don't see the pics of my strat in this thread?

    Thanks covenant for the gauge info. The gas gauge seems to fall fast in the second half of the gauge. I got about 160 miles to the tank and didn't see the light come on yet. I filled up and put in just a smidge under 3 gallons so i'm getting 53 mpg with mixed highway and city miles. I think i'm very light on the throttle being a newbie.

    My choice was between a brand new 950 Tourer and this. Since the Strat was only a couple of hundred bucks more, I went for this and have not regretted it since. Not to mention I get quick detach windshield and backrest that you don't on the 950. I am lovin every moment of it!!

  5. Shebhertezz

    Congratulations on the beautiful bike! That "sparkling star" pic is pretty awesome!

    Sounds like you got a great deal! Safe riding!

  6. hoover35

    Congrats on the new bike....I'm getting aroung 45 depending if its city or highway. The gas guage does drop quick the second half. Aint it hard to stop smiling when riding this bike...such an awesome machine.

  7. yhennlj

    SAWEEEET!!! I sat on one of those at the dealer, last years model with a reduced price tag. It was so tempting. If I would have been on my bike that day, and he would have offered a good trade, I just might have one too.Nothing against the other big Yamaha cruisers but, that one is probably my favorite. Ya' just gotta' love those Black Stars

  8. kamezbanger

    I get in the LOW 30's!!!!

    Boo me!

  9. demingrick24

    I only average 30-35 but I love to accellerate and ride 100 mph+ on it almost daily.

  10. PDXScodd

    MPH in the 30's for me also...I don't go fast, but don't nurse the controls either.

    That is a SWEET looking Stratoliner. Looking at the mods list you have on it are going to have to be creative to figure out what to do next!

    Oh wait...I have an idea right off the bat (you knew I was setting you up, right?)....

    That sharp looking Midnight Stratoliner needs to have it's rear license plate LAY down and look good.

    Here's a thread on how to do it yourself. Shep does a nice job explaining how it's done. On the 2nd page, there are a few pics of my bike and what I did to make it happen.


    Go forth and Mod it up!

    Scott T

  11. roadie6

    Thanks for all the responses. My great gas mileage is due to me respecting the power of this awesome machine and enjoying the fact that I don't need to twist that throttle too much to get up and go.

    My added mod list so far are some bucks lowers and oil guard (already ordered) and more stylish convex mirrors. Thanks for the suggestion on the lay down plate. Looks nice but I think I'll keep mine the way it is, for now.

  12. Nade

    congrats. pretty bike. She will be good to you for a long time.

    PCH is an awesome drive(transplanted from Anaheim). You should bi-pass PCH if your up north of Dana Point and on your way home to San Diego and take 5 on a sunny day. Coming over the hill and heading into D/P on a sunny day on 5 South is picture perfect. the water there is gorgeous.

    anyway, i am curious. you MIGHT be getting that good of mileage because of the Cobra Fi fuel Management system? i hope you keep us posted. or, if anyone on here knows about the Cobra Fi system and what it does i would appreciate a run down. does it give better mileage?

    and lastly, i am thinking about getting the D&D Slip on. You may not have a point of reference but how do you like the sound?

  13. roadie6

    Love the D&D slip on for sound and looks! You can search youtube to hear the sound. A bit louder than stock but not crazy loud.

  14. JBLee327

    If you took a picture of a Midnight Strat AT Midnight...would you be able to see anything? Just sayin....

  15. FedalEcho

    Congratulations on the new bike. Looks great!
    And JB, no you don't see much, that's why it takes me a long time finding my bike after midnight, that's one of the big drawback of these, otherwise magnificent, machines.

    I have the Cobra, and actually I think it's decreasing my gas mileage (especially that I increased the pot setting a little in an attempt to rid of the popping). I feel that my bike's mileage isn't that good. I recently filled it all the way to the top to see how much mileage I'll get. Till now I'm at half after 84 miles. I wonder if that is normal. But like others mentioned, that gauge drops so fast once it's below 1/2.

    Enjoy your new ride, and ride safe.

  16. roadie6

    My last two gas tanks are as follows and I still haven't seen the fuel light come on. I guess I need to get closer to a 4 gallon fillup to see it.

    1) Rode mostly backroads average 50 mph with only 1 stop*
    158 miles, 3.2 gallons = 49.4 mpg

    2) Again backroads average 50 mph with 2 stops*
    156 miles, 3.3 gallons = 47.3 mpg

    *A stop is when I completely shut down the bike for at least an overnight rest - more like a few days rest since I don't ride everyday.

    Definitely happy with the mileage i'm getting with this big engine.

  17. pigrpill27

    I ride mine 90 miles a day to and from work. I fill up after 160 miles, usually 3.5 gallons. The gas gauge is on empty at about 150 miles. But I know it has gas so I keep going. I'd say you're getting about the same mileage as me. These Strat's are definitely good on gas.

  18. roadie6

    pigrpill27, how many miles before your fuel light comes on? Hoping mine is not defective since I still haven't seen it light up.


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