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  1. AirForceRiter8

    All about the roadie. It's my first cruiser... been on sport bikes all my life, but I don't think the size of the engine bothered me at all. lol. I loved the idea of it the second I heard it... and REALLY loved the reality of it the second I rode it. man you can go so smoothly through the city at 40 mph, or you can hit the country roads and be running 100 before you blink lol. I guess I just sustified it to myslef as knowing tht I always end up wanting more power, so I might as well start at the top instead of regretting not getting it and haveing to deal with selling whatever I bought and buying a roadie later down the road anyway lol.

    As far as the price, i payed 11800 out the door on my 07, brand new 0 miles. And I feel I got a pretty decent deal on it for the time. But I really agree with everyone about checking Ebay. Therre weren't any on there when I bought mine, but now you can get brand new roadies from dealers for well under 10k. Definitely the route I would go i f I were in the market now.

  2. dommj1

    I payed 11500 for my new 06 Roadliner-s I had looked on e-bay at the time and with shipping I couldn;t beat that at the time. I don't think they are selling like yamaha would like them to be. I have noticed dealers prices have went down on them to, but I sure love mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. THUNDER160

    R a i d e r ................................................

  4. kittjub

    I'm a new member too. I had a 2008 V-Star 1300 Tourer and after 20,500 miles, I sold it and got a 2009 Stratoliner - and I love it! The power is amazing especially when riding 2-up. The 1300 is a great bike; it was a "starter" bike for me. However, I'm glad a switched to a Strat (so far anyway at 1400 miles in two weeks).

  5. TRaiterJohn

    I hadn't ridden in a long time and when I had it was an XS 1100 Special (if that doesn't date me, nothing will). When I was shopping for bikes I tried a Strat' and decided it was way more than I needed. I "settled" for a V-star 1100 Silverado. That was in November. Don't get me wrong, I loved the bike, but in February I was back to the dealer and drove home a Stratoliner S.

    I think getting back onto a smaller bike like I was used to was important for me. I regained the confidence I needed to get on the bigger bike without fear in the process. I would recommend the same to you if you can afford it. I just think if you "settle" like I did, you will always wonder and wish you had bought the Strat' in the first place.

  6. kamezbanger

    The extra power the Strat has should not keep you from getting one....but I am sure the 1300 has enough power for you too. I am just the type of guy that likes "the big boy", thats why I ride one.

  7. cowenandranch

    I'm glad I didn't get something that I would have to upgrade from. I now have over 10k on the bike and it feels really good, handles like a much smaller bike, and actually handles better 2 up.

  8. hillejya

    Yeah, I don't think that the Roadstars have balanced motors, so that would explain the vibration like a Harley. I can't speak for how smooth the 1300 is but the Srat is a really smooth bike and does have dual axis counterbalancing.
    I owned a 2001 Roadstar Silverado from October 2000 to December 2007. Actually, I believe the Roadstar does use counterbalancer(s), similar to the Roadliner/Stratoliner. I found it to be a very comforatable ride at normal highway speeds and had more than sufficient power compared to most other big-bore cruisers. I only had two querks and believe at least one of them is not a problem with the current models. The headlight vibrated and it did not want to idle right away -- usually took 5 minutes of driving before it would idle dependably. The latter should not be a problem since Yamaha has added fuel-injection to the Roadstar.

    I now own a 2006 Stratoliner S and although it is similar to the Roadstar its increased performance capabilities over the Roadstar are significantly obvious. Having said that, if I had to choose between a $17,000.00 Stratoliner and a $10,000 Roadstar I would take the Roadstar. Having said that, if the $17,000.00 Stratoliner (with over $5,000.00 of Yamaha options) became available used for $12,000.00, I would jump at it -- I did I did!!!

  9. PDXScodd

    You know your own skills and limits. Don't let folks (dealers and friends) tell you what you should get or shouldn't get. I do think that it's good to consider advice.

    I've owned my 08 Stratoliner since February. It was the first motorcycle I've ever owned! I rode a bit on my friend's motorcycles when I was around 16-17, but never owned a motorcycle.

    So I was really nervous about buying such a big bike. I knew I was a cautious driver/rider and I also knew I'd build up my skills without trying to over-ride the bike.

    So I bought the Strat (1854 cc's!) and have enjoyed every one of my 6,000 miles I've put on it during the past 4 months!

    I've commuted on it (it's ok, but the stop and go traffic isn't that much fun in the afternoon). I've taken short half-day trips (50-200 miles). And I'm stretching out my legs and have put in a couple of 300+ mile days (working towards a nice ride to Montana or Canada from Portland, Oregon.

    This motorcycle is very forgiving and can be a pussy-cat if you take it easy on the throttle. It's nicely balanced and just wants to gently cruise down the road. But if you really want a thrill, roll back the left grip and she'll pull you back. The ride is what you want it to be.

    I ride solo most of the time, but it's no issue to have my lovely wife on the back of the bike. This might be the biggest down-side of the bike I've found. The bike is so big, she rests on the backrest and I hardly feel her behind me. I sort of was hoping that she'd be **pressed up** against me on our rides!

    Have fun and I don't think you'll regret having a bike that can cruise at 65-70 mph all day long.

    Scott T

  10. SDDawe

    For whatever it is worth, I have had at least 15 different bikes. The Roadliner is the best all around bike I have ever had. It has plenty of manageable power, it is comfortable, feels like a much lighter bike at low speeds or stops.

    It is not a sport bike, and I wouldn't want to take a long multiday journey on it without some more modification.

    But if you are looking for a cool looking, technologically advanced, relatively inexpensive, low maintenance bike, I think it is the best bike available today.

    You won't be sorry. Don't be intimidated by the cc's. It is very manageable, and tuned differently comparted to a sport bike with half the cc's.

    Purchased a new 07 Liner for $9,999, with 6 months same as cash!



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