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  1. moppozz

    Good Afternoon Riders
    I am going to look at a 1700 Silverado tommorrow. Can you tell me how everyone likes their roadstar. I am 6,4 250. I am down to 2 choices. The roadstar and the nomad. Does anyone have any complaints? Do the floor boards scrape alot, and how is the carb compared to the FI. Thanks for any information you can give. I love the look of this bike, especially with the studded seat and bags.

  2. Ravhite

    Welcome to the YMF moppozz, personally I like mine a lot.......Do the floorboards scrape, yep, you know your in a curve good when you hear that sound. As for the carb, I like it as it gives me the ability to set up the bike as I like.

  3. chilibebber

    You will be pleased with the Roadstar. It is big enough to support you. I am very pleased with my 1700. The first time I scraped I almost crapped in my pants, I did piss a little I scared me as I wasnt expecting it.

  4. yajare

    Hey moppozz,
    I ride a 2006 silverado and most of my riding is two up. I have it out to Rocky Mountain National Park, the Black Hills area & down into the Tennessee hills. Like Ravhite says, you know your in a good curve when the boards scrape. They do not scrape a lot in normal riding situations. I did have a float problem at higher elevations when in Colorado, but it was minor and just needed a little adjustment. You will like this bike.


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