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  1. 9Sdarz

    If anyone is looking for longer cables for a bar swap PCS has the best price HANDS DOWN on cable sets. I paid $323 delivered for a clutch cable, both throttle cables and new brake lines. All Stainless Steel they work great...I went all out and even ran the wires through my bars. The cables are 5" over stock length you could probably go a little shorter but I like the way these look.

  2. VTvinChic

    Now, more info on burying the wires in the bars. Details, please!!!! I am thinking I'd like to do that as well.

  3. meche

    Dear vstars1300,

    Please quit doing things to your bike. Many of them are things I plan to do, and I would like to one-up-you at least once.

    Thank you,
    The management (+ some margaritas)

  4. yhoower

    No wonder I don't ever see you out riding, you're too busy working on that bike to ride it. Nice look though does a lot for the bike.

  5. 9Sdarz

    Nice!Now, more info on burying the wires in the bars....

    Get like 10 beers and prepare to swear a lot. Just getting the wires through the bars is a pain trying to feed them through the holes and not destroy the wires in the process. I went down to the local junk store and picked up some 4' sticks of shrink tubing for about $2 a stick. I only added about three inches of wire to the stock wires. Feed em through the bars and soldered em back together, crossed my fingers and clicked my heels together three times and hit the starter. WALLAH it worked now I tell my wife I can do anything...well almost anything.

  6. dyengz

    What diameter are the new bars. I had my local (kinda) custom shop do my bar and cable replacement and wanted them to bury the wires but they said they couldn't do it with the 1" bars that I got.

  7. 9Sdarz

    The bars are 1" and had no problems.

  8. VTvinChic

    Did your bars already have holes drilled for burying the wires?
    I took a good hard look at this idea again, and for some reason a little voice is telling me to be careful about disturbing the structural integrity of the bars. I really LOVE the look, though!

  9. 9Sdarz

    VTC yes my bars did come predrilled...but I know even if they don't you can drill the holes yourself. I fabricate a lot and drilling a hole into the bottom of a bent piece of tubing will in no way compromise the structural integrity of the bars. Now if you drill a huge hole in one side and out the other than you will have problems. Even with that said when doing the wires you WILL need to open the holes up a little to get the wires through the bars every time I have seen a bar swap the holes have to be opened up. Just get a step bit or also known as a unibit they work the best for this and will give you a very clean hole. Be sure and get one of the fat ones cause the long skinny one will bottom out inside the bars.

  10. nteam

    Hey 9Sdarz, just out of curiosity, where is the hole/holes at the base of your bars, and how did you route the wires past the handlebar mounts, triple tree, etc? I've been thinking about doing this myself with my RSTD bars, but it doesn't look like there's a whole lot of room for wires to exit at the base of the bars. Wondering if you found a clever way around this.


  11. 9Sdarz

    Hey 9Sdarz, just out of curiosity, where is the hole/holes...

    Nate when the weather is nice again I could just show you how I routed the wires. Its pretty easy and a pain all at the same time.

  12. nteam

    I might just have to take you up on that, 9Sdarz! I'm heading out of town for the next week or so, but I'll catch up with you once I get back and the weather is nice.



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