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  1. MorkKW

    Cut and pasted from 'elsewhere'...........

    Many of you are aware of the discounts offered on parts & accessories by Big Number 1 and Yamaha Sports Plaza locations. Well, Yamaha Sports Plaza now has a new site that could offer you an even greater discount.....
    This site also belongs to YSP, but it's one they do not advertise with Google and other search engines, which means YSP doesn't pay out ongoing monthly fees. Instead, with this site they pass along some of those savings to their customers.

    FYI, YSP's long standing site changed their policy awhile back: 30% on OEM parts and 25% on OEM accessories. It's already calculated in whatever you find on their site. Their NEW site shown above will now offer a minimum of a 30% discount across the board on all OEM "stuff."

    They also stated that, while lots of dealers are out of stock for several of the Yammy parts & accessories, their inventory is fairly strong with a fairly good chance they could presently have available whatever you need for immediate shipping. If you're sitting around waiting for something, it could be worth the call.

    Everyone take care...and stay safe.

  2. zgreiker

    good deal morg - i was checking some stuff out to see what kind of prices they offered. For hardstreet painted hard bags, it costs $600 for 1800 cubic inches of space each while the yamaha leather covered bags are over $800 for a combined 2300 cubic inches of space. This seems like a no brainer if i decide to pull the trigger on hard bags but do you know if there is difference in quality is between these two types?

  3. MorkKW

    I have seen the Hardstreet bags and, in my opinion, they absolutely appeared 'at least' equally as good as the Yammy OEM bags, with three big-time plusses (personal opinion):
    1. as you stated, by comparison they are much bigger...holding half-again as much volume, yet they flow very nicely with the lines of the bike;
    2. painted vs. leather lined. As you may know, I removed my leather about 8 mos ago and had the OEM bags painted (liquid silver) to match my bike, which "everyone" I know agreed is a wonderful improvement;
    3. Hardstreet bags are much less costly than the Yammy OEM bags, allowing those few hundred bucks to be used for something else.

    Personally, I would much prefer to have the Hardstreet bags.

    Stay well...and stay safe.

  4. KenT

    Thanks for the info, I've bought stuff from Yamaha Sports Plaza in the past and have always been happy with the prices and service.

    FWIW I have the Hardstreet Slimbags on my Custom and like them. I was originally going to get them from YSP, but they were actually about $50 less direct from Hardstreet (

  5. jamahadim

    Is this within the advertising guidelines?

  6. VTvinChic

    Is this within the advertising guidelines?...

    Yes. The "Group Buy" is where we can post deals we find. The OP isn't selling anything.

  7. jamahadim

    Oh, so this is where I could say that has a 30% discount on parts to YMF members?

    There is no group buy in this post, just a link to a dealer website that is not a paid advertiser. Not trying to stir the pot, just trying to be clear and fair on this issue.

  8. yhoower

    Cut and pasted from 'elsewhere'...........Many of you are aware of...

    I did a bit of price checking on some of the items I would consider buying from this site. 4 out of 5 of the items I checked I could find somewhere else cheaper on the internet.

    Like everything else in life .................... do your home work before you make a decision.

    Just saying.

  9. yhoower

    Oh, so this is where I could say that

    Cool Tim. Now how do we beat the MN sales tax? lol


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