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  1. robinsjs36

    Hi, this is my first post to the forum. I picked up my new 2010 950T the other day. I just got back from riding. I left at about 8:30 this morning. It was 37 degrees here in Colorado. I am going to have to get some better gloves. I took my Motorcycle Safety Course a couple of weeks ago. I am practicing smooth shifts, stops and trying to improve and get used to the bike now.
    I will try and post some pictures of the 950T later. I added OEM engine guard and OEM luggage guard and rails. I want to add a rear luggage rack. I plan to ride from Pueblo, Colorado to Durango, Colorado in May. Hopefully, the snow will be off the mountain passes by then.
    My first bike was a 1967 Yamaha Twin 100 which I had to sell in 1969 when I started college. I guess that shows my age. I havent had a motorcycle since. It is like I am starting over now. I am really enjoying the 950, a great motorcycle, worlds of difference from my old 2-stroke67 twin 100. Thankyou to everyone in the forum. It is a great source of information. Jim

  2. yhoower

    Welcome to the forum and the 950 family. You find lots of information and advice on how to make your new bike your own. Take your time and ride safe.

  3. macVstar97

    Good to have yeah Jim!
    Enjoy the ride!

  4. Mondj

    Great choice of bike, Jim. Welcome to the forum.

  5. tunc

    glad you made it here and
    Welcome to the forum from Australia
    Enjoy the forum
    And remember to put a picture of your ride in the
    Show your ride thread
    Posting a pic help
    2002 midnight venture for sale
    They are in the different bike sections at the top [show your ride] thread
    And put a vote in for the bike of the month as well [its free]
    Here and it changes every month Parking Permit
    And the winner gets on the homepage

  6. fourechodog61

    You picked the perfect bike for a mid-life crisis!

  7. yhoower

    You picked the perfect bike for a mid-life crisis!...

    Mid-life crisis??????? I just heard the latest US life expectancy the other day it's up to 73 years now. Would that make mid-life 36 or 37? I for one am way past that. LOL

  8. Logosexat79

    Welcome Aboard
    Sounds similiar to my story, bought a Black Cherry Red 950t last year, haven't had a bike since I sold my 650/4 Kawasaki when I was 20
    You will love the bike, they are an awesome ride
    Take Good Care out there

  9. hb7914

    Got back into bikes when my youngest turned 18 5 years ago. Have gone thru a number of models during that time to include all 4 japaneese companies. Have found a keeper with the 950t. Welcome

  10. bill2458

    Welcome to the forum. Tons of good info in here.

  11. robinsjs36

    Part of the fun for me of choosing a new bike was reading about them and using that information to make an informed decision on the best bike for size and price range. I think with the 950 the engineers at Yamaha did a good job combining new technology with basic age tested technology in using the belt drive, air cooling, and front and back disc brakes. I think that it is a solid bike that will last for a long time.
    I have one question. After I rode it home from the dealer, I noticed a drip of oil coming from a grey tube that seems to run from around the top of the engine, below the gas tank along the front of the frame to down below the bike. I asked what the was at the dealer and they said it might be oil going by the piston rings since the rings had not had a chance to seat yet. Has anyone in the forum experienced this and what is the function of the grey plastic tube? With the ceramic-coated cylinders, how long does it take for the piston rings to seat? Is there a place on the internet that has a diagram of the 950 engine? Jim

  12. karnal49


    I have experienced the same thing on warmer days with my 950T. I wouldn't worry about it; it doesn't seem to be a defect and only happens occasionally. The tube appears to be a vent of sorts and sometimes you get a drop of oil; I've only typically had it happen when parking the bike out in the sun.

  13. recumpendpop

    That's a breather tube a drop of oil now and then is Normal.

    About a 1000 miles for break in.

  14. Rop123

    I believe you're referring to the crankcase "breather tube" or the fuel tank drain hose. In any case mine will also drip one small drip once in awhile.....nothing to worry about at all.

  15. bevo844

    don't let them razz you about your age. got my 950 when i was 27 and i'm still in my 20s for about 3 more weeks. good choice in bike

  16. robinsjs36

    Thanks, and from everything that I have read, nowdays 60 is the new 30. I also think that I might be a better rider than when I was going to high school on the westernslope of Colorado. I didn`t have a car so I rode my 1967 Yamaha twin 100 year around, no helmet, no motorcycle safety course, and no protective gear at all. First thing I did was take it on the highway to try and see how fast the little 2-stroke would go, (75mph). Back then I just made sure that there was oil in the Yamahalube for the 2-stroke engine and gas and took off. It is great to be back into motorcycling now, hopefully wiser and safer. Everytime I ride the 950, I am confident that I picked the right motorcycle. Thank you for all the encouragement from the forum. Jim

  17. Mondj

    Mid-life crisis??????? I just heard the latest US life expectancy...

    Hope that figure is wrong as you know I turned 73 a few weeks ago. LOL


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