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Needle/shim question

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  1. Jon632

    I've been doing tons of reading and I keep getting conflicting info about shims. I have an 01 1100 and I just added Cobra Dragsters. I will be rejetting myself and so far I think I have all I need. I have 150.0 main and 22.5 pilot jets. I got the recommended washers from Radio Shack (which happened to be an assortment of washers so I'm guessing I'll be looking for the ones that closely match the existing shim and I'll be using the stock needles. I will also be doing the POD mod.

    My question is, how many shims/washers do I use? Do I discard the existing shim? I haven't opened up my carb yet but from what I understand, there's a plastic shim and a brass shim. According to the chart on KB I need to retain the plastic, throw away the brass shim, and add 2-3 0.5mm shims. But on the same KB page it says I'll only be adding 1 shim to each needle?

    I'd rather not have to keep dismantling my bike just to add or take a way shims so I'd like to try to get it right the first time. Hope I supplied all the info needed and thanks in advance for the help

  2. quicgmicg

    Just add 1 shim......make sure it is the same thickness as the one already on there.

  3. Jon632

    Thanks for the quick response...quick! So I keep the brass shim that's already on there and just add one?

  4. stevelittle

    That is what i did.Get the pms screws from Tim at metric magic , makes it alot easier.

  5. Fulldild1

    That's all just add 1 .5mm shim. If you are gonna use those washers, you should mic them for consistent thickness. The last ones I got were between
    .4mm and .98mm. I'm running the original .5mm shim(in your case brass) and washers that are .87mm each, one per needle.

    All my shims are stainless not that it matters.

  6. Fulldild1

    Steve, did the syncing fix it?


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