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  1. VTvinChic

    Nope, not just YMF's BotM (thank you for the nomination), but also Star's Calendar! Butterfly got accepted!

    Alright, I know compared to some of those beauties I haven't a snowball's chance. Just humor me (and the guys at Star). lol!

  2. yhoower

    You got my vote VTC.

  3. cobberchobber

    you got it.....
    Hmmm recognize the scoot from CC as well

  4. Shebhertezz

    Hey VTC, Your bike is easily one of the "beauties" - very unique! You know I love Butterfly. I had to cheat and put 90210 for my Zip Code or it wouldn't accept my vote. So there'a a vote from CA by proxy for you!

  5. quicgmicg

    Congrats..that is awesome!

  6. kamezbanger

    There are some nice bikes on there...mission complete tho

  7. yazonzdyohn2

    You got my vote! Just for the video you sent me on the grips alone! Good Luck

  8. DianaBozdon

    Okay VTC, I voted! Hope it goes your way.


  9. Mondj

    Mine, too.

  10. Driwetapisnezz

    You got mine

  11. Reakenn


  12. TribleForg

    Vote sent...Hey look at that - almost to the century Marg...

  13. Troober

    Got mine Darlin!!!

  14. BikRet

    Congrats and good luck, you got one from me......let us know how it turns out.

  15. matt403

    Got my vote too, great looking bike.

  16. NASCAR32

    you got my vote

  17. yuanchofer2

    Got my vote....Nice bike!!!

  18. VTvinChic

    Holy Christopher! Never expected that kind of support - THANKS!
    Now is it just because someone had the guts to splash a little PINK on a honkin' 1300 ... or what??? lol!

  19. jamahadim

    You never know who's out there for influence...

    I had all the guys at the shop here vote for you too. A peace offering maybe?

  20. VTvinChic

    As long as you're not paying off the mods....
    Let's give this another try.


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