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Need some identifcation help.

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  1. DiamondjewelleI

    I'm new to the bike community so I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask for help.

    My girlfriends father gave her what he says is a 67 Yamaha Big Bear Scrambler I'm trying to get some information so I can restore it and ride it. All I can find for any sort of is number is stamped into the frame behind the headlight. I also found a couple if stickers hidden on it that say it was made in Japan. All the pics I have seen are bikes painted red, this one is green. Other than that from what I can tell they are the same thing. I will try to post some pics of it later because I have to pull them off my cell phone yet.

  2. Jimithebobber

    call a Yamaha dealership, and give them the VIN. . . That's the number you found stamped, there also should be one some where on the engine.

  3. 4mrAkankmpr

    Color is as far away as a paint can.


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