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  1. lygyr

    Hello Everyone;
    I'm gone by lygyr and am new to the forum. I have a question for the forum. I just finished a motorcycle safety riding course which I enjoyed very much and it is something that I have always wanted to do, was to learn how to operate a motorcycle. My question is, I'm 66 years old and would like some opinions on wheather I'm to old to ride a motorcycle. I have not purchased one yet but I'm looking at the Yamaha Custom 650 which I'm told is a good beginner bike. I would appreciate any comments you riders out there have. I know in the end the decision will be up to me but right now I think that I'm over thinking this thing which is becoming very confussing. Thanks

  2. matcruser

    I know plenty of riders your age and older. You are probably better suited to begin riding than most of the young inexperienced riders due to the more mature state of mind.

  3. lygyr

    Thanks matcruser. I guess that is what I wanted to hear.

  4. mento

    Ditto on what matcruser said. I'm 51yo and occasionally ride with people much older, quite a few packing their significant other with them and just enjoying the ride and being out.

  5. MatMan

    Hey! I'm 44 years old and I ride with a bunch of old guys... But only because I can beat them all...

    Anyway...You're NEVER to old to start riding and you went the right way by taking the Motorcycle Rider Safety Course first. I took it too...But I had my motorcycle licence already and had been riding and racing motorcycles since I was a kid.

    The other guys are right...You're far better suited for beginning to ride now then most young folks. Heck! I've seen some younger riders who shouldn't even be on a motorcycle. Let alone be riding one on the streets...

    As for the Yamaha 650 Custom...That's a great beginner's bike...But you won't want to keep it for long. I bet you'll be trading that baby in for a bigger bike soon. But that's alright!

    Hey! Just take your time and trust me...You'll be an old pro in no time...

    Mark aka Mad Man

  6. Gman16827

    First off welcome aboard! I haven't riden for over 20 years and I'll be 50 in a few short months and just took delivery on my bike today. I have to agree that the 650 is an excellent choice for a starter bike (my starter was a 750 shadow). Glad to hear you took the time to take a safety course, mine was to flatten the tires of all the cages I could find . Hope to hear more of your beginning adventures in motorcycleville. Good luck and ride safe!

  7. Snufftokk

    Welcome to the YMF lygyr. Glad to hear you took the course. I am 53 and just started riding again after a 34 yr. absence. If you are in good physical health there is no reason for you not to ride. I made the decision after open heart surgery to ride again. Life is too short not to ride. Best decision I've made in a long time. However I found the 650 too small. I am 5'8" and weigh 170, I bought the 1100 and already want to trade up. Sit on all of them, one will call to you.

    Ride Safe

  8. Jonezpoj

    I've been ridding most my life I'm 62 and you'll know if your to old. If you passed the rider safety course, then the instructor believed in you, just believe in yourself and ride safe.

  9. dmpendlej

    My neighbor who is 65 just started riding for the first time. He completed his course failing the ride the first time but got back on and completed the next week. He wanted a 250 cc to start but because of his size, I talked him into a Yamaha 650, a much better choice and one he can live with for a year or so. He rode for weeks up and down his road and finally was ready for the school parking lot down the road. We went over on a Saturday and I made him ride circles,figure 8's, stop and start and shift and break until I thought he was "becoming one" with the bike. He now loves the freedom to get out on a nice day for a ride until his heart is content. Enjoy your time. Be cautious of the cars and idiots who drive as though they are the only ones who share the rode..
    He wife worries some but after returning from a ride he feels like a new man. Well, that saying goes for all of us at any age after a ride..
    have fun and enjoy>>>>

  10. lygyr

    Thank you all for the encouragement. I really appreciate the comments.

  11. bazdorrop1

    WELCOME! I've got a guy in my church that is 81 and he still rides! Age is just a number. GO FOR IT!

    Ride on,

  12. Snufftokk

    Good advice Pastor.


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