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  1. froto
    # 10,000 miles...that's the same that I got out of the rear tire on my last two bikes but they tell me I should get more mileage from a tire. I'm from the school that believes a fast wearing tire is a "sticky" tire and therefore a SAFE tire, so I ordered two new Bridgestones(stock on my bike) cause I just like the way they performed in a few emergency stops.
    Tell me if I'm wrong!

  2. recumpendpop

    Bridgestone makes a lot of different tires.
    What did you order?

  3. dos

    I wish I could get 10,000 miles out of a rear tire. The stock Bridgestone was at the wear markers at 5,200 miles and the Metzeler I replaced it with was at the wear markers at 4,600. If you want a fast wearing tire go with the Metzeler, lol. I am now running a Dunlop Elite 3.

  4. HenrjD

    I believe someone should look into going to the "Darkside" muhahahaha!

  5. JozhH

    I'm just over 7k right now, and I already need a rear tire.

  6. TheGoltj

    I replaced my rear tire 1000 miles ago at just over 12,000 miles. I replaced it with the exact same tire as came on it, the Bridgestone.

  7. dos

    I believe someone should look into going to the "Darkside"...

    I wanted to but I could not find anyone local who would install a car tire on my bike. If my E3 lasts no longer than the other tires did I will need a new one towards the end of the summer. I will most likely look around in Memphis to see if I can find a shop willing to put one on.

  8. recumpendpop

    I wanted to but I could not find anyone local...

    Take the rear wheel off the bike then take the wheel and CT to a dealer to have mounted if they say anything tell em you run a sidecar.

    Also Independent shops are more receptive to installing CTs,

  9. hkv50

    Have you found a car tire that will fit/? I have not.

  10. recumpendpop

    Have you found a car tire that will fit/? I...

    What size is your rear tire?
    give me that and I'll see what I can come up with.

  11. lem23

    I will have to verify when I get home and can check out my parts database but I believe the 1300 and 950 can use the same tires.
    is a database of ct's used on motorcycles
    in general has alot of useful info on using ct's on your scoot including a list of known dealers who will install.

  12. recumpendpop

    go here

    plug in your rear tire size and then the CT size. I think your 950 rear tire is a 170-70-16.

    I think a 195-65-16 will work but you will have to measure to verify.

    I have the Continental Vanco2 in 195-65-16 on the rear of my 08 Kawasaki nomad. great tire.

  13. Rop123

    From the Yamaha 950 web page the tire specs are:
    **Tires/Front130/70-18M/C 63H
    **Tires/Rear170/70-16 M/C 75H

    From the owners manual:
    ** Front tires - 130/70-18MC/C63H
    Bridgestone-EXEDRA G721
    Dunlop D404F

    ** Rear tires - 170/70B-16M/C 75H
    Bridgestone-EXEDRA G722
    Dunlop K555

  14. ylvrikhd

    I would have never considered putting a car tire on my 950 but after nearly 5000 miles on the bike now I'm thinking it might be a great candidate. You can't lean this bike over much at all because of the floor boards so what would it hurt. I bet you would hit hard parts on the floorboards before the tire turned loose. I'm just saying!

  15. Rop123

    One question: Do you really want to be a road traction "test pilot"? Tires are cheaper than hospital bills.....way cheaper.

    I'll let the tire manufacturers "road test" the tires I buy!.......remember the contact patch from each tire is only a few square inches....that's all that seperates you from the pavement.


  16. ylvrikhd

    I completely understand you concern but I've ridden behind another bike with a car tire on it and he corners at least as hard as I can and it looks like there is just as much rubber contacting the pavement as the other bikes I was following.

  17. OgieRiter

    I would have never considered putting a car tire on...

    I agree but still think a car tire on a bike is odd.

  18. recumpendpop

    Looks like a 175-75-16 would be good.
    A Vredestein Comtrac in this size.

    It's 0.96 larger in diameter and would raise your gear ratio a little so the engine turns less RPM at highway speeds.

    Compare the size differences using this calculator.

    I looked at my 195-65-16 tire and my wife's 950 and I'm leary of having enough fender clearance.


  19. ylvrikhd

    Never heard of Vredestein brand tires. Are they an enexpensive or high end tire?

  20. recumpendpop

    They are a pretty high end tire made in Holland I think.

    Do your homework B4 deciding, research it and make your own decision.

    It's called the Darkside.

    CTs work good on cruisers and heavy touring bike NOT recommended for sport bikes.

    This was the first article I read on it; I researched it for about 3 months then decided to go.

    I got 7000 miles on the rear tire on my 1600 Nomad and thought this is crazy.


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