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  1. yukheat

    My wife is looking for a bike. After a few visits to the dealer, she likes the Vstar 1100. I have a concern or two about the 1100. It has a choke.

    One dealer told me that on the 1100 you have to remove the exhaust to change the oil filter. Is this true?

    Opinions? Good or bad.

    I can get a sweet deal on a new 08 1100 Silverado,


    The 950 has E.F.I. and belt drive.....


  2. seattlerob72

    Hey, so I own a 950 and never owned an 1100, so my opinion is a bit jaded

    EFI vs carb is a big plus in my book. Not sure about the oil filter question, but if you're planning on doing the maintenance yourself that is certainly something worth checking out.

    I've also heard the 950 has as much power as the 1100, but that's just hearsay...

    Pluses for the 1100 could be more afterMarget parts available (at least at the moment), but the 950 seems to have more & more afterMarget stuff every day.

    BTW, check and I think you'll find there are some pretty seet deals on new 09 950's as least much better deals than what I got just a few short months ago.

    Good luck with your decision,


  3. TheGoltj

    The dealer was correct about having to drop the exhaust pipe to get to the oil filter on the 1100.

    Having never ridden an 1100, I can't speak to the power, but I can tell you that the 950 has plenty of it.

    As to after-Marget items, a lot more stuff is coming on line every day for the 950. Plus, some of the stuff that's made for the 1300 also fits the 950.

    There's a couple of negatives (at least in my book) for the 1100 over the 950. First of all, it's carbureted where the 950 is fuel injection. Second, the 1100 is shaft drive. Not that there's anything wrong with shaft drive, but I like the fact that the 950 is belt drive. And lastly, the 1100 is on its last gasps as a Star model. It's not even on the current list of 2011 models.

    I wish you luck with your decision. It's never easy, that's for sure! :-)

  4. yhoower

    +1 to what Goldy said. If I recall correctly you can buy a filter relocation kit for the 1100 that get around the requirement to drop the exhaust. As for the 950 power, it's real close to the 1100, which is part of the reason Yamaha is eliminating it from the product line. But like Goldy, I own a 950 and have never ridden an 1100 so I might be a bit biased.

  5. LasjDavk

    My wife has a 950 and absolutely loves it. I ride a VTX1300 personally. As for power, if I never road 2 Up the 950 would be plenty of bike for me, and I am just a little dainty 6'1" 330lb fellar

    Not saying the 950 Can't do 2Up, just at my size, the bigger engine and suspension is needed LOL

    Besides, I couldn't let the wife have a bigger bike than me could I

  6. yukheat

    Thanks for the info guys. How is the vibration with the 950? Is the engine counterbalanced?

  7. LasjDavk

    I have heard some members comment on the vibrations, personally on the rare occasion J lets me ride her bike, I am impressed with how smooth it is. I also wind out her bike much harder than she does which is prolly a reason she doesn't let me ride it much.

    One of many things that impress me about this bike are the floorboards, they float (like the HD floorboards) which greatly reduces the felt vibration.

  8. Tuttle3

    The 950 doesn't have counterbalanced shafts. It doesn't need them. They designed the engine so well that it absolutely loves higher RPM than your everyday V-Twin. Is it as smooth as a Royal Star or a liner? My guess is no. But on the same token, I'm not expecting a bike at one-third of the price of another to be as nice either. It's routine for me to ride anywhere from 60-80+ indicated and haven't had any problems with vibration per se. I do get high frequency vibration in the handlebars. However, I've yet to find a bike that doesn't.

    From another very happy owner....

  9. JozhH

    I own a 950 and have ridden my buddy's 1100. I think the 950 is a much better handling bike. I also feel like I have more room on the 950 than I did on the 1100. I will say the 1100 seemed to have more bottom end torque, but the 950 seems to pull a lot harder on the top end. Given the benefits the 950 gives you over the 1100 (such as fuel injection and belt drive), I would get the 950.

  10. tunc

    My wife is looking for a bike. After a few...

    yep its got a choke [carby]
    you do have to drop the front exhaust to do the oil change BUT you can get a ork for them[filter kit] that takes away that problem and its a 10min job then
    theres a ton of accessories for the 1100 as well out there
    i do get a bit of vibration but dont concern me at all

    see what bike fits her the best in being comfy and what she likes
    in the end its a individual choice IMHO

    good luck whichever way you go

  11. zmogejyoe

    Tough choice. She should take a ride on both models to see which fits her best. Probably great deals on both models at this time. Maybe have her take a look at eh 1100 and 950 thread on this forum to see what others are talking about and the mods they make. Good luck!

  12. recumpendpop

    I like to work on my own bikes. I would never buy a bike that I had to remove an exhaust pipe just to change the oil.

    The idiot that designed that should be forced to change oil on Ten 1100s every day for the next 1100 days so he would learn a lesson.

  13. JozhH

    theres a ton of accessories for the 1100 as well...

    That's true. I wish the 950 had some of the cool exhausts and other stuff the 1100 has available.

  14. recumpendpop

    That's true. I wish the 950 had some of...

    It will have, since the 1100 is being discontinued.

  15. raiterbede

    just so you know the vstar 1100 stop being built in 2009 , no 2010 or 2011

  16. JozhH

    It will have, since the 1100 is being discontinued....

    Hopefully the wait isn't too long.

  17. Rop123

    Lots of mods and stuff is available NOW from a variety of vendors many of whom advertise on this site (the top & right side of this screen)....check them out, they support the Forum too!

  18. JozhH

    Lots of mods and stuff is available NOW from a...

    I have checked them all out. Most of the stuff out there is kind of blah.

  19. VTvinChic

    While I've never taken an 1100 on the road, I can describe the seating differences. The 950 is lower, but wider than the 1100. The rider does have more bike girth to straddle on the 950. After being accustomed to the floorboard height on the 950, the 1100 felt much higher. However, if the rider has short legs, the 1100 might be a better option. The 950 appears to be gaining a reputation for having a pinch spot behind the legs at the seat for short legged riders. The floorboards are much mire stretched out on the 950, which was a negative for me. The handlebars were in a better position on the stock 1100 - my 950 needed pullback risers and I would have preferred more narrow bars. The 1100 may require pullback risers anyway, depending on her height.
    But, the 950 is light years ahead of the 1100 as far as technology goes. I went from the 650 to the 950 - carbed to FI - and I don't ever want to go back to carbs. Start and go. No fiddling around with the choke or annoying the neighbors on cold mornings. EFI adaps to most any crap you throw at it - altitude changes, intake and exhaust mods, etc.
    Have her try both and see which one she likes best. Honestly, that's the only way to do it.
    Let us know what she decides.

  20. yukheat

    Well................. We just got home from purchasing the wife's new 2008 1100 Silverado. As much as we both wanted the E.F.I. the 950 just did not feel right to her. Pictures in a day or so. Thanks for all the info.


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