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Need help/info on this bike

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  1. dgdg24

    Hi All,
    I'm an American working abroad and I was going to buy this bike to get around short distances. The motor and gearbox seem solid but it needs some work -- front brake needs to be tightened dramatically, the rear brake somewhat. The battery is dead and needs replacement though I'm pretty sure it's just kick-start. The signals don't work and there are no mirrors but those aren't terribly important things around here.

    The reason I want this particular one is that it's just so cool.

    So my questions are these:

    - Does it have a name or model number? I couldn't find anything online with some googling

    - How hard is it to fix myself and take apart?

    - Any good books?

    - Any preventative maintenance I should do? How often change oil, lube chain, etc

    Thanks everyone! If I buy it, I'm quite sure I'll be back often. Heh

  2. MigejCojode

    That's a Fizzy!!!! Yamaha FZ1E 50 cc scooter. Very rare over here now adays The Aussie scooter jockeys love them so do some of the asian countries.

    If you can fix a chainsaw you can fix that. I am 99% positive that it's a 2 stroke, so you mix the oil with the gas or just add it to a tank that injects it in the intake. No oil change required.

    I hate to send you somewhere else but search online I am pretty sure you'll find a Fizzy site. Like I said pretty strong with the Aussie scooter crowd.


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