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need help with speedometer gear and cable lubrication

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  1. webster98

    well i pulled the front tire and did my progressive springs then hopefully by monday i will recieve and will have replaced my cracked rotor and be ready to put the wheel back on.

    the big question is "now what?"

    smear some grease on axle shaft - check

    but thats as far as im sure about,

    i was planing to cram some green marine grade grease to fill any voids between the seals and the bearings and i am thinking i should fill the speedo gear cup full and just let what cant fit squish out as its all bolted together and then clean up the excess.

    is that a good idea? should i grease it and what grease is best to use for it?

    should i pull out the speedo cable itself and clean it off then rub new grease on it?

    by the way, i know not to let grease get anywhere near the brake pads, rotor, or calipers.

  2. webster98

    so nobody has any recommendation on lubing the speedo gear?

    regular wheel bearing grease
    marine bearing grease
    light weight grease
    heavyweight grease
    lithium grease
    no grease at all leave it alone
    graphite spray lube

    somebody out there must know something, o dont want to use the wrong stuff and have my speedo more off then it is normally because of using the wrong lube or possably break a cable even

  3. quicgmicg

    What was on it when you removed it? from my own experience with car speedometers, I'd never use heavy grease. Maybe a very small dab of white lithium grease.

    I don't have a 650 owners manual or shop manual on hand to look it up. My 1100 uses a magnet and wire for the lube or cable required.

  4. webster98

    thanks for the reply mick

    right now its just some black grease but not much of it and its the old mechanical wire and spinning disc turning a gear type speedometer gear setup.

    what i could find for a service manual just shows "types" of lube but its like "grease, oil, lube" and thats it, no further description.

    the concern i have is if i use the wrong grease it could slow down the gears too much making the unreliable speedo even more off or worse cause a failure in the speedo gear from too much resistance.

    the other side is just the opposite, too thin a grease = speedo is more off and gearbox fails

    i guess i'll call the shop but honestly i get more wrong info from them then asking some old lady walking accross the street what to do lol

  5. Silwerato5x5

    On my other bike that uses a real tach and speedo cable I used the Lubriplate white grease from the tube, or any synthetic light grease like you would use in a marine engine, yes a light grease is necessary I believe.

    And though Lubriplate is good there are many new synthetics out that perform better. Think of super creamy and light, cold weather could bind up the thicker grease and strip the ends.

  6. quicgmicg

    For the cable...we always used a llittle squeeze bottle of powdered graphite from the auto parts store... I think they call it Lub-O-Graph.

  7. webster98

    thanks guys, i went with spray graphite lube on the cable and lithium based white grease for the gears (it was very creamy stuff)

    by the way the guy at the bike shop said "we dont grease those we just sell new ones when they stop working"


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