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  1. yhennlj

    Once again, thanks so much! You all are great

  2. Marg

    Done deal

  3. tommyshai131

    Done...good luck!

  4. Shebhertezz

    Voted! Let us know what happens...

  5. yhennlj

    Will do, thanks

  6. char50

    Voted, Good Luck

  7. Twilight17smoms


  8. Princedon2


  9. yhennlj

    Wow, more votes. This is fantastic. Thanks so much

  10. JustDave


  11. Liwezdeam5

    Voted, Good Luck!

  12. Smirg17

    Yet one more vote. Can we vote more than once?

  13. Heklione17

    Got my vote.

  14. yhennlj

    Thanks, and yes, you can vote once every day.

  15. yhennlj

    I should have checked the date before I posted about voting everyday, I think the contest is over today. I don't see a place to vote anymore, so I'll check with him and see what's up. Thanks to everyone that has voted, even if he doesn't win, just knowing you all pulled together for him, will make his day.

  16. BikRet

    Hope he wins, although I will be a little jealous....haven't been fishing in a while.

    On a side note I cancelled my road trip up there I can't get out of work, they don't like me taking a vacation, working a week and taking a vacation.

  17. yhennlj

    Hope he wins, although I will be a little jealous....haven't...

    I haven't had time for a fishing trip either. Other than taking the bike to school and back, I seldom even have time to go out for rides. This semester is winding down though...whew! Sorry to hear about the road trip cancellation. My door is still open though, if ya' manage to get back up this way. Just let me know, and I'll roll out the red carpet for ya'.

  18. BikRet

    I haven't had time for a fishing trip either. Other...

    Sometime I'll make it up there, just have to wait for the vacation time to roll around again.



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