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Need full riding gear outfit

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  1. donez

    Hey guys,

    Hopefully posting this in the right place....I didnt see a separate clothing discussion. Fairly new here to the forums and hoping to become part of the family and get my 2006 1100 Silverado today. I have been away from riding for 10+ years so I will need a full set of gear (Helmet, Boots, Gloves and Jacket to start for sure).

    Any recommendations on what to look for? Price is definately an issue but I don't want to sacrifice too much on safety and quality. Prices up here in Canada and especially Newfoundland are crazy even on bikes so any help would be great appreciated.

    Hoping to post pics of my baby tonight!

  2. zmogejyoe

    I recommend visiting several MC shops in Newfoundland to check for fit and finish; especially the helmet since different brands tend to fit different head shapes better than others. See for info on helmet head shape and much more including some good reviews of gear. A local dealer especially for the helmet is my recommendation and often they will come close to the price of an online dealer. I have read that shipping to Canada from US online dealers can be a hassle and costly and maybe some Canadian riders can reply to that issue.

    I have had good luck with the Cortech by Tourmaster gear (jacket, boots, pants) from They are worth a look if only to see what is available, general pricing and some decent close-up photos and write up about fit for the gear. But there are many other places online for the gear.

  3. SemberFiDavk

    I like dealing with . Plus they have free shipping ! I don't know if that includes Canada .

  4. JonnjFlazh

    I shopped around a lot for my jacket at local bike shops, leather shops, and Wilson's Leather at the local outlet mall. But I ordered my jacket (which was a 2XL tall and a third helmet, textile vest, saddlebags, and half face mask all for $180 with free shipping) from and I absolutely love it. It was the same thickness and quality of one at a local leather shop but half the price.
    As for a helmet I bought my first one at a local bike shop in order to get fitted correctly. But since then I have ordered the same brand off of ebay for about half the price. But when I switch brands of styles I will be going back to a dealer to try them out first for fit since every helmet is different.
    As for gloves, I ordered a cheap pair off of ebay and then bought a nice cold weather pair at a local bike shop.

  5. Rjcor

    I have used The owner does some pretty good video reviews of gear.

  6. alexM712
    # did have some of their HJC helmets on clearance for half price. Might be worth it even with shipping. The CL-15 helmets are nice.
    I have a Tourmaster brand jacket and my girlfriend has a Fieldsheer. Both brands are high quality. I would suggest getting a jacket with CE rated armor.

  7. CruizerBruizer

    I've used,, competition accessories (, and Moto Liberty (store in Dallas, not online, but the store folks also handle the online and they were great). I've noticed that motorcycle superstore usually has better helmet prices and compacc clothes. Motorcycle leathers has very good prices...very! And good service. Also good deals on gloves of all kinds.

    I got a new Icon helmet...the Americana...about 2 weeks ago at Moto Liberty and they matched competition accessories $99 price (orig $170), plus they fitted me and even changed out the pads so it fits perfectly.

    I have 3 jackets that I use at different times...a leather from with quilted liner for cold weather, a CorTech DSX denim wiht quilted liner for cold/cool to warm (up to 85's nicely vented) and a Fieldsheer Congo Mesh for warm/hot weather (have worn it up to 107 degrees...that's no typo) and it's great. Actually is cooler with it than without it in our Texas summers.

    I also wear leather chaps in colder weather.

    I think everyone has glove deals.

    The Cortec and Fieldsheer also have armor at elbows and shoulders and backpads. The leather has extra layers in fall-down-go-boom places.

    Don't know how any of these handle shipping to Canada, though.

  8. henningana792

    I came across very good deals on Helmet Depot, I call them (301-874-1170) directly to order my Agvsport Laguna jacket for a reasonable price (about 30 % off)!! I saw on Twitter that they have a special offer :Aero Mesh 2 Jacket Black/Blue/Grey US L MSRP $149.99 now available only for $69.95! Very interesting! you can check out the website too.

  9. nadzcarbelli1

    As a fellow Canadian, I know all to well about buying in the U.S. and shipping to Canada. If you can get it cheap enough, it is worth paying the shipping, taxes and duties as the selection and opportunity is far greater there than here in Canada. I am very fortunate to live less than an hour from the border and have my items delivered to a shipping outlet in the small town across the line for a very modest fee, so I can beat a lot of the shipping charges and duties for going to get it myself. Ebay is my favorite place to buy all my stuff, but I have used other on-line stores as well.
    I do once in a while check out They are a large motor sports outlet store located in Ontario. They have decent pricing and have clearance prices regularly, and the shipping is fair as well. You might want to give that a look see! Be Safe.


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