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need crome side accent pieces on rear fender

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  1. cgpinoy43

    Does anyone have the left and right rear fender crome accents for sale or know where I can buy some? I have the 09 silver tourer but have the saddle bags and sissy bar off right now. I only use them on long trips. Thanks for your help.

  2. freezbirid

    Whats wrong with your ones then?

  3. HenrjD

    The Tourer does not come with the fender "eyebrows" because of the bags and sissybar.

    What I did when we bought the wife's bike was to haggle with the dealer. We bought the tourer but knew we were going to make it a bagger. I wanted the trim so I dealt some more and got those tosses in and had the dealer install. Looks better to me.

    I believe you can purchase them for about 110$. If I were you, I would contact Heather at Big#1, tell her what you want and be sure to tell her your a member of the YMF and get another 10-20% of price. Being you in Savannah, you wouldn't pay sales tax either. I believe she can save you some cash.

    Good luck.

  4. LonkRifle15

    Henry D is right, they are $110 for both of them. At my local dealer the one side costs $10 more than the other, and he had no idea why. I used the eyebrows along with some chrome spacers to place the bags right where they are with the stock seat rest in place. I completely removed the passenger seat and rest and replaced it with a chrome luggage rack.

  5. VTvinChic

    Henry's on the right track. Go to your dealer with your backrest and see if they'd trade you.

  6. cgpinoy43

    Thanks for the info everyone! I think I will contact heather at Big#1 and see what kind of deal I can get. I tried it with just putting the bolts in but it just doesnt look right.

  7. kdbrich72

    Does anyone have the left and right rear fender crome...

    Got mine sitting on a shelf in the garage. When I put the bags on the guards wouldn't fit with them on there.

    You want 'em? $90 shipped they're your's. Assuming you're in the continental US.

  8. mbvootruff

    They are called fender "stays" and you can get them here:

    or anywhere else that sells oem parts. Just find your bike's model number and go to the "fender" drawing and you should be able to order them for about $90 total.


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