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Need comments on 1100 Silverado or Custom

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  1. tbh984

    Hello. I'm looking to possibly purchase a new up to a 3-4 year old 1100. I previously rode a HD Road King until 2005. Sold it due to the no-time factor. Recently, to get back into riding I picked up a '97 Vulcan 1500. If I had read all the forum info. on these bikes, I wouldn't have bought this one. I have lots of pinging noises in the higher gears and my mechanic states it just these kinds of bikes. Most of what I read supports this as well. Anyway, I'm looking for something smoother and the 1100 Silverado or Custom has a nice appeal to me. However, I want to find out what I can about any potential problems with the 1100. Thank you in advance for any input.

  2. vgink18054

    If you dont like all the little rattles and pings dont get the 1100 classic or custom. these bikes all make one noise or another. dont get me wrong these are great bikes, I have the 1100 classic silverado and i love this bike i would never think of parting with it. but it does tink rattle and roll down the road.
    now if you want a dependable bulletproof bike that will last for years buy the 1100. i have a friend that has a 1100 classic with 68000 miles on it and still commuting 200 miles per day. the only thing done to his bike is general maintenance and tires.

  3. gewin7

    I have an 05 1100 Silveraldo, I love it. I use amsoil and that help the tapping noise a lot. I am still studing on what performance mods I want to do but I think I have that figured out now.. anyways I love my bike.

  4. tbh984

    Thanks for the posts. I can handle some noise - I know there going to be there. But my '97 Kawasaki sounds as if it's going to leave me by the road when I hit high gear and that's the reason I want to get rid of it. I'll probably take a hit with the price, but that's the way it goes. I'm going to let someone else take a look at it, but I'm still think I'm going to let it slide. My wife loves to ride with me, but she hasn't been real thrilled on the back of this one!

  5. Sbeetj

    Most V-Star owners are quite aware of the normal noises coming out of their motorcycles. New owners need to remember that you are basically sitting on top of an internal combustion motor that has alot of mechanical parts rolling around there will be commonly heard noises.

    Liquid cooled motors are different than air cooled motors they have the water jackets of a liquid cooled motor to further quite things down.
    So we should not compare the two as I see commonly done.

  6. wzdartan

    The valves tap a bit. The gears are straight toothed and whine a bit in lower gears. Sometimes the A.I.S. has a slight "chirping" noise to it. The front brakes are known to make a bit of noise. The exhaust has a bit of an "underwater gurgle", and sometimes "popping" upon decel. These are the traits of this machine, and in my opinion they give it some of its character. It is a great bike and everyone that I have spoken to or met has loved theirs. All machines, motorcycles and cars will exhibit characteristics that make them unique. As long as the machine is dependable, and you can learn to accept them they are not a big deal. The good points far outweigh the bad in regards to this bike.
    V-Stars are the most customized import bike out there. This means there are tons of options that one has for making one "his own".

  7. 1CuzdominFL

    I've had my 1100 custom for about a year. I bought it with 76000 miles (yeah, high, but for $2500 how could I pass up) and now have a little over 82000. I run Mobil 1 V-Twin in it and I'm not always nice to it. The only thing I've done is put in a starter clutch other than regular maintenance. As far as I'm concerned this bike is bullet proof.


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