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need a battery

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  1. tawetean842

    any good advice on buying a reasonable priced battery for my 2002 VStar 1100? The original is a Yakima 14gt 4b, and they want way too much for it. Like $170. That's outrageous for what there is. Thanks

  2. quicgmicg

    Look for a size's just a little fatter, but has more CCA and is about 1/2 that price or less and will fit the bike without issue. (the size may have some other letters in front that designate the battery type, but 14-BS is the size code)

    The stock battery is kind of an odd size and's expensive.

  3. Mondj

    These are Scorpion batteries made by Yuasa in China. Very reasonably priced and havent' had any issues with them.

  4. quicgmicg

    Just ran across this....

  5. BigerRop328

    +1 for what quicgmicg said... if you are having trouble locating one, it is the same size battery that an HD V-rod uses. I got mine at BatteriesPlus, they are online and they had a local store here. I think mine was around $68.


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