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  1. zhifdhabbj6

    Looks great.Question on the faring, does it attach to the...

    It is an Arkady fairing, and mounts directly to the stock Yamaha shield mounts, which are on the forks. I am sure it adds weight but the whole thing weighs about 20lbs including stereo and speakers, but have noticed no ill effects from the extra weight.

  2. VTvinChic

    Thanks for all the kind word's, it's nice to know...

    gray ostrich or charcoal snakeskin. Even white (although not too practical) with thick dark gray piping/braid on the seat would look sharp.

  3. FedalEcho

    Great looking bike shift! Put it on the virtual bike show on the star website.

  4. zhifdhabbj6

    gray ostrich or charcoal snakeskin. Even white (although not...

    I have thought about white! But I think it MIGHT look a little feminine for a 50 yr old man.

  5. zhifdhabbj6

    Great looking bike shift! Put it on the virtual bike...

    Thanks FE.

    Would love to do the Star site, but want to do my seat first to complete the look.

  6. kamezbanger

    I was just thinking that...started with the begining of the thread...."Man, he has done all that work and he stil running a stock seat?"

    Yeah, very nice bike.

  7. zhifdhabbj6

    I was just thinking that...started with the begining of the...

    I could see how one would think it's stock, but it's far from it. I have chopped almost 2.5 inches off the top of the seat, then hollowed out the center down to the pan, installed a gel pad then added another 1/2 inch of memory foam on that. I just hadn't covered it yet cause I wasn't sure I was done. It is an all day seat. Plus it lowered me down behind the fairing.

  8. levitacionmagn816

    Shift......I agree 100%. I bought an '08 Roadliner leftover last month and I'm building mine right now as we speak. Waiting for my Corbin bags and Reckless Fairing with chrome quad speakers and Fusion iPod system. I have already added, and will be adding some more assorted chrome stuff. Mine will look very similar to your bike except in Candy Red & Raven.

    Remember.....imitation is the finest form of flattery........your bike looks fantastic.

  9. roadie6

    I would love to put a pic in there, but...

    You don't need to use any picture hosting sites at all. All you need to do is use the Gallery in this site and upload your pictures. Before you do that you need to resize, if necessary, so the max width size is 650 pixels. Then just copy that pic and paste that into your thread message. Any questions just message me.

    The added bonus to having your pics on the gallery is you'll see a link to Images to the right hand side of each of your posts for everyone to see.



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