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My version of a StreetGlide

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  1. zhifdhabbj6

    This is what I think Yamaha should have done! Hope you enjoy, and please give feedback + or -. I call it the StreetLiner

  2. BuppaKahuna

    Holy Crap - that is one sexy bike!

  3. quicgmicg

    Nice! Job well done!!!!

  4. roadie6

    that's a beauty!

  5. tunc

    very nice lookin bike

    dont forget to throw one in the show your ride section as well

  6. cowenandranch


  7. obxfshr58

    Great work on that ride. I'd put that up against any HD anyday.

  8. Torch617

    Nicely done!!

  9. yhoower

    Nice bike. Where did you get the bags?

  10. Troober

    This is what I think Yamaha should have done! Hope...

    Great look for that bike, I have a buddy of mine that did the exact same thing with a silver one, then added black and red custom painted pinstripping. He used the Corbin Bags and I think it was the Quadzilla fairing. I prefer the regular hard bags for that look but Tommy seems to like those, I pick on him and tell him it looks like he has an unusually Wide Arse, but it really does look good. (I just aint tellin him that..... LOL)

  11. DennisM

    A very Sharp looking bike indeed!

  12. zhifdhabbj6

    Great look for that bike, I have a buddy of...

    Yeah, I agree about the size of the bag's. But it sure is nice to have all that room. I was going to title the post:
    "Do these bag's make my bike look Phat?"

  13. zhifdhabbj6

    Thanks for all the kind word's, it's nice to know hard work pays off. I still have the upholstery to do, I think I'm going to go with a "Gray Ostrich on the seat and bag pads". Thinking about possibly doing the inner fairing also? What do you think?

  14. zhifdhabbj6

    very nice lookin bike don't forget to throw one in...

    I would love to put a pic in there, but how do you do the large photos as I have seen some people do? I don't like doing the attachments it just doesn't show the detail as well. Probably have to be computer literate or something.

  15. lem23

    for large photos you have to host it elsewhere like photobucket or something, then use the image button instead of the attach button, and put in the url of the hosted picture.

    Awesome bike btw, looks hawt

  16. ollier145

    Sweet looking. Always love a custom ride.

  17. zmogejyoe

    Very nice, excellent customizing!

  18. mi2az84

    love it. very cool

  19. SemberFiDavk

    Outstanding !!

  20. matt403

    Looks great.

    Question on the faring, does it attach to the frame or the bars/forks? I've heard some designs bolt to the triple tree/bars adding weight to the steering etc?


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