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My Version of a Roadliner

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  1. Blackliner12

    Well I'm done with the how the bike looks and thought I'd share.

  2. MitWezdSdar

    Nice. Very clean look

  3. kamezbanger

    nice, who made your fairing?

  4. Blackliner12

    trakon Fly.
    Bought just the shell and put my own audio and paint.

  5. cowenandranch

    Very nice ride

  6. demingrick24

    Nice bike. I've always liked the way those fairings look from the front, but seeing yours from the riders perspective gives me second thoughts. It looks like you might have a little trouble getting the key in and out of the ignition now? Is yours a universal fit fairing or is it 'Liner specific?

  7. Blackliner12

    yes the key is a PITA!!! the fairing is liner specific though.

  8. bohleaze

    Do we have to guess the mods ourselves?

    I like how the raider front wheel fits in the front fender. Did the fender have to be lowered? did you add a raider rear wheel?

    is there passing lamps low on the frame?

  9. Blackliner12

    I thought about doing a I SPY with you guys! LOL
    Mods are, Lowered in the rear,lay down plate,D&D pipe,mustang seat , 3"forward controls,trakon fly fairing, raider wheel front only, driving lamps down low, pinstriping.
    I've done all this myself made the laydown plate too. I really like the looks of this bike way more than my Harley Roadglide.

  10. Blackliner12

    Do we have to guess the mods ourselves? I like...

    I did have to raise the fender about an Inch and yes there are driving lights down low. No raider rear just the front.

  11. yhennlj

    I really like the looks of this bike way more...

    It looks like a very classy version of the Streetglide. Very nice!

  12. bohleaze

    any more pictures for us? I am interested in seeing how far forward the fairing sits. a side shot maybe?


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